How Long Should a Roll of Toilet Paper Last? (We Measured!)

How Long Should a Roll of Toilet Paper Last

There is nothing more frustrating than reaching for toilet paper only to realize the roll is empty.  If you feel like you’re changing the toilet paper roll too often, you’ve probably wondered, how long a roll of toilet paper should actually last.

An average two-ply roll of toilet paper should last one person three to four days. The length of time that a toilet paper roll lasts usually varies based on the number of toilet uses per day, the number of sheets consumed on each use, and the number of people sharing a roll of toilet paper.

This article will explore the hows and whys of how long your roll of toilet paper should last.  We’ll also give you the best tips and tricks for lengthening the lifespan of your current toilet paper. 

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

As we all may know, toilet paper goes way too fast – especially if you have a large family. Instead of buying a crazy amount of TP, try a more practical method, such as a bidet or more durable toilet paper.

Here are some of our favorites from Amazon:

1. Bidet – Use water instead of paper to keep yourself clean! 

2. Two-ply toilet paper – It’s the gold standard for a reason.  It’s soft but absorbent and will keep you clean and fresh.

3. Wet Wipes – If you need a little extra help to make sure you’re all clean, try a safe, flushable wipe! 

Per Family or Per Person

One of the most essential details in determining how long should a roll of toilet paper last is how many people are using that roll of toilet paper. 

We’ll get into the number of people using the roll of toilet paper and other vital questions first! 

How Long Does a Toilet Paper Roll Last?

The average person will use up a roll of toilet paper every four days, depending on their bathroom habits.  This means a family of four will go through approximately 8 rolls of toilet paper per week. 

Of course, depending on the gender and bathroom habits of the household, your home may use more or less toilet paper per bathroom use. 

This number is also influenced by the other uses of toilet paper happening in your home. 

How Many Sheets of Toilet Paper Are in a Roll?

The average two-ply basic roll of toilet paper will have 250 sheets per roll. But, of course, super mega rolls or other large two-ply rolls will have up to 1,000 sheets per roll. 

In the case of sheets of toilet paper per roll, the brand may matter. For example, you can find a 24 Family Megapack of Cottonelle on Amazon, which has a total of 7,800 sheets per order.  

However, Charmin’s version of the Family Megapack has the same number of rolls but a total of 8,184 sheets! 

How Long Does an Average Roll of Toilet Paper Last?

An average roll of toilet paper will last between four and six days for one person.  This number is influenced by the frequency of bathroom use and the gender and age of the person using the bathroom.

Here’s the math. On average, each person uses 9 sheets of toilet paper per bathroom visit. So, if you visit the bathroom 5 times a day, that’s 45 sheets of toilet paper a day.

The average roll has 250 sheets.  So, 250 sheets divided by 45 sheets a day comes out to five and a half days.

Of course, if you use toilet tissue for other things (blowing your nose, for example), this math may look different for your home! 

Also important, women tend to use more toilet tissue a day than men, and children who are potty training also tend to use more toilet tissue per day than adults. 

How Many Toilet Paper Rolls Does the Average Person Use?

An average adult will use about two rolls of toilet paper a week.  This adds up to eight rolls a month and 104 rolls a year. This means that a family of four, assuming all the people in the house are old enough to be potty trained, will use 416 rolls per year!

That also means that each person uses about 26,000 sheets of two-ply toilet paper a year.

But, of course, this math doesn’t include using toilet paper for other bathroom activities, such as wiping a small spill or blowing your nose. 

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How Many Rolls of Toilet Paper Does the Average Person Use in a Month?

The average adult uses eight rolls of toilet paper a month during their daily bathroom visits. But, of course, if you buy the mega rolls, this number may be different, as the mega rolls contain more sheets per roll versus their average counterparts. 

If it seems like you are using way too much toilet paper, there are other options.  The best suggestion we have is to look into getting yourself a bidet

A bidet attaches to your existing toilet and uses water to help clean you after using the restroom. 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a bidet is more hygienic and better for the environment than toilet paper. 

How Long Should a Roll of Toilet Paper Last for One Person?

A standard (not mega) roll of toilet paper will last the average adult for four to six days.  Men may find that a roll of toilet paper lasts a little longer, while women may find that they need to change the roll slightly more often. 

You may also find that the roll does not last as long if you have an illness like IBS.  Households with children of potty training age may also find that their toilet paper rolls run out faster than average. 

How Long Does a Roll of Toilet Paper Last for a Woman?

Because women need to utilize toilet paper no matter what, they tend to go through a roll within four or five days, whereas men tend to use a roll every five to six days. As always, this fact depends on each individual’s unique preferences regarding toilet paper consumption. 

The flip side is that when men need toilet paper, they tend to use more squares per bathroom visit. 

Women seem to usually be happy using around six squares, whereas men use eight or nine sheets at a time. 

How Long Should a Roll of Toilet Paper Last for a Family of Four?

Assuming every family member of the four is potty-trained, a roll of regular (not mega or ultra roll) toilet paper should last about a day.  Of course, if someone in the family has any intestinal issues going on, this could be a very low estimate. 

If you’re concerned that your family might run out of toilet paper, we have a solution!  Consider grabbing yourself and your family some compressed toilet paper tablets

These small coin tissues allow you to bring an emergency supply of toilet paper wherever you go!  

How Long Should 30 Rolls of Toilet Paper Last?

30 rolls of regular toilet paper should last one person for five months, assuming they use a roll every five days. This also assumes that each roll is 250 sheets.  If you have larger toilet paper rolls, it’ll last even longer. 

For example, if you buy a Megapack of Charmin, which has 341 sheets per roll, you can expect it to last almost seven months! So maybe it’s time to consider buying toilet paper in bulk?

How Often Should You Use the Washroom?

A healthy adult should use the bathroom between three and ten times a day. Depending on factors such as diet and any existing health conditions, you may find yourself visiting the restroom more or less often.

According to a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic, visiting the bathroom four to ten times a day is absolutely normal.  

How often you use the restroom may also depend on factors such as:

  • How much you drink – The more you drink, the more you’ll be heading towards the bathroom. So are you getting your eight glasses of water a day?
  • Medications – Some medications may cause you to feel the need to use the restroom more often.
  • Age – Any senior will tell you that the older you get, the more you find yourself in the bathroom, especially at night. 
  • Pregnancy – Being pregnant means you’re retaining more fluid, plus babies sometimes enjoy dancing on bladders!

How Often Should You Poop?

Scientists say to follow the three-by-three rule. So for a healthy adult, pooping anywhere between three times a day and three times a week is perfectly normal and natural. 

If you find yourself in the bathroom having a bowel movement more than three times in a day or less than three times in a week, be sure to talk to your doctor. 

In fact, we recommend discussing any changes in your bathroom habits with your primary physician as soon as possible! 

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How Many Times a Day Should You Pee?

The average adult urinates between four and ten times a day.  This number is primarily influenced by how hydrated you are.  Obviously, the more you drink, the more often you’ll need to relieve yourself. 

If you find that you are in the bathroom more than ten times a day or notice things like foul odor, discharge, or dark urine, be sure to contact a medical professional right away.

You may need immediate medical attention. 

How Often Should You Use the Restroom Daily?

A healthy adult should be using the restroom a total of four to ten times a day.  Your individual needs may vary depending on things like age, medical conditions, and lifestyle choices. 

If you find yourself in the restroom more than ten times a day or less than three, contact your doctor immediately. 

This may be a sign that you have a number of medical conditions and should not be left untreated. 

How Many Times a Week Should You Use the Bathroom?

Most adults use the restroom between four and ten times a day. That means you should be using the bathroom between 28 and 70 times a week.  That sounds like a huge discrepancy, but it really isn’t.

How often an adult needs to use the bathroom is based on a number of individual factors. 

As long as you aren’t experiencing difficulty in using the restroom and do not notice any huge variations in the number of times you are using the bathroom in a day, don’t worry about where you fall in the above range.  

Do Males or Females Use the Bathroom More?

Females tend to use the bathroom more than their male counterparts.  This is in part because women typically have smaller bladders than men.  Also, each trip to the restroom typically takes longer for women than men. 

This may be because women also perform actions such as fixing their makeup while visiting a restroom or because of other hygiene-related tasks that need to be performed during a bathroom visit. 

Why Do Guys Use So Much Toilet Paper?

If you’re wondering why the guys in your life use so much toilet paper, just remember, they’re just trying to stay clean and hygienic.  Statistically speaking, men tend to use eight to nine sheets of toilet paper when needed after a bathroom visit.  

This is, on average, more than women use for the same activity (women tend to use around six sheets per visit.)  

If you’re using so much toilet paper in one visit that you’re experiencing clogged toilets, consider grabbing yourself some heavy-duty toilet clog remover.

How Much Toilet Paper Should You Have Ready for a Party?

Assuming your party won’t have more than a dozen people, start by making sure the roll on the stand is full.  Then, keep at least two to three more rolls in easy reach.  This ensures no one has to worry they’re going to run out of toilet paper during the party.

If you’re having a major house party, you may want to have even more on hand. 

Assume each person visiting will use the bathroom at least once and will need to use at least six to ten sheets of toilet paper per visit.  

Does Ply Affect How Long Roll Will Last?

The one-ply versus two-ply argument has probably been around since the invention of indoor plumbing. 

Check out the surprising information we’ve uncovered about the real difference between one-ply and two-ply below!

What Factors Influence How Long a Roll of Toilet Paper Should Last?

The biggest factor that influences how long a roll of toilet paper should last is the person using the toilet paper.  If you bunch your toilet paper instead of folding it, you’ll go through it quicker, as you’re using more sheets per visit. 

Other common factors include how many sheets you use at a time.  Women tend to use around six sheets at a time, whereas men use around nine.

Of course, you should always use enough toilet paper to feel clean.  

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How Long Does a Roll of 1-Ply Toilet Paper Last?

One-ply toilet paper tends to last almost twice as long as its two-ply counterparts. While this may sound strange and illogical, it’s really not.  Most people assume that two-ply toilet paper is just two pieces of one-ply forced together, but this is not true. 

In fact, one-ply toilet paper is typically almost as thick as two-ply because each part of the two-ply is made of a thinner amount of tissue. 

No matter what kind of paper you use, make sure you are getting clean! 

How Long Does a Roll of 2-Ply Toilet Paper Last?

A standard two-ply roll of toilet paper, which has approximately 250 sheets on the roll, should last an average adult between four and six days.  If you take any medications or have any medical conditions that influence your bathroom habits, you may notice a slight variation in that number. 

If you’re noticing that you’re running through your toilet paper very quickly, or if you think you’ve visited the bathroom too often or not often enough, we recommend contacting your doctor as soon as possible. 

How Long Does a Roll of 3-Ply Toilet Paper Last?

Three-ply toilet paper should last about four to six days per person, per roll. This is the same amount of time as their two and even one-ply counterparts.  Most people still use the same amount of squares per bathroom visit, no matter what the ply is. 

Because three-ply is thicker, you may find you go through it faster because there are not as many squares per roll. 

Also, be cautious using three-ply toilet paper, as it does not dissolve as quickly in a septic system, which may lead to more clogs.  

What’s the Proper Way to Fold Toilet Paper?

Want to make your bathroom at home feel extra fancy? Start by hanging a new roll of toilet paper with the paper hanging from the top. Fold the right corner of the toilet paper to the left edge, then fold the left corner to the right edge.  

This is a simple triangle fold, but it allows you to feel like you’ve walked into the restroom of a fine dining restaurant or five-star resort.

Of course, that’s just one of many beautiful designs you can use to make your TP extra fancy!

How Many Sheets of Toilet Paper Should You Use per Use?

On average, men use nine sheets of toilet paper per bathroom visit.  Women tend to use slightly less, around six sheets per bathroom visit.  As long as you’re using enough toilet paper to get clean without clogging up your toilet, you’re probably okay. 

If you feel like you cannot get clean, you may want to consider using a product like flushable wet wipes or even a bidet to ensure you are keeping yourself clean and hygienic. 

There’s nothing wrong with needing a little extra help! 

Related Questions

Is Pooping Once a Week Normal?

Only pooping once a week is not typical for most healthy adults. That being said, if you’ve been that way your entire adult life and you do not have any other symptoms, it’s not necessarily a red flag.

If you’ve had a severe decrease in weekly bowel movements, speak to your doctor right away.  Do not wait, as the sooner you are treated, the less likely it is that you’ll need invasive procedures done. 

What Happens if You Don’t Poop for 3 Days?

For plenty of adults, not pooping for three days is completely normal.  If you know your typical bathroom routines and don’t feel uncomfortable, you have nothing to worry about. 

However, if you’re noticing a major change in your bathroom habits, or noticing you don’t have bowel movements as frequently, or if they’re painful, consult your doctor immediately.  

Final Thoughts

Feeling like you’re always running low on toilet paper is one of the most stressful parts of adulting. 

With the information we’ve provided to you today, we hope you can easily calculate how much toilet paper your house should need so you never have to feel that way again! 

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