Can You Use a Towel as a Bath Mat? (Only if You Do This)

Can You Use a Towel as a Bath Mat

If you’re looking for a way to avoid getting your feet wet when stepping out of the shower, using a bath mat is a must. But what if you don’t have a bath mat on hand? Can you use a towel as a bath mat instead?

Towels can be used as a bath mat replacement, but they’re generally not as effective. Bath mats have a textured surface that helps to prevent slips, whereas towels can be slippery when wet. If you do use a towel as a bath mat, make sure it’s a heavy towel that won’t slip easily.

Are you looking for a way to cut down the cost of furnishing your bathroom? A DIY bath mat could be just the thing you need to can be cost-efficient and comfortable. Read on to learn more about this money-saving life hack!

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

If you want a great-looking bath mat, but you don’t want to spend extra on a fancy one, you can do some DIY magic to get the aesthetic you want!

We recommend using these great products to get your bathroom in shape:

1. Towels – If there’s part of your towel set you don’t use, why not transform it into a useful bath mat?

2. Velcro – Make any DIY bath mat non-slip quickly and easily.

3. Sewing machine – Make it easy on yourself, don’t hand sew your projects!

Towel vs. Bath Mat

First, we have to establish the difference between a towel and a bath mat. Which one is better? Can you use them for the same purpose?

Are bath mats really necessary anyway? Read on to find out.

What Can I Use If I Don’t Have A Bath Mat?

If you don’t have a bath mat, you can consider using bamboo mats, wood mats, stone mats, cork mats, Vetiver root mats, and, yes, even towels instead. All these materials soak up water and are anti-mildew. 

These alternative materials can be easier to clean, and they stay bacteria-free. 

We recommend grabbing yourself a bamboo bath mat for its aesthetics and non-skid and water repellant features!

Can You Use A Cotton Rug As A Bath Mat?

You shouldn’t use a cotton rug as a bath mat. Cotton rugs serve a decor purpose, while bath mats are meant to be practical. Bath mats are made to absorb high levels of water, which would drip as you leave the shower, but cotton rugs are not absorbent enough.

A rug would not be able to absorb as much moisture as a bath mat would. Therefore, if you use a rug, it can be a place to grow bacteria in your house, which can become unsanitary.

If you would like to add a rug as decor to your bathroom, be sure to make it non-slip, as wet floors are a hazard in bathrooms.

What Is The Difference Between A Bath Towel And Bath Mat?

The difference between a bath towel and a bath mat is their purpose. A bath towel is meant to dry hair and skin after a bath or shower. A bath mat is meant to absorb water that you trail as you step out of the shower, so it doesn’t make the floor underneath wet.

However, you can use a bath towel instead of a bath mat if needed. It’s something hotels do all the time to save money.

But this may not make your bathroom look as normal as one with a bath mat outside the shower.

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Is A Bath Mat Necessary?

A bath mat is absolutely necessary! They not only soak up water on your floor, but they keep your bathroom clean and hygienic. Bacteria, mildew, and mold can grow when your floors are left wet for long periods.

If your floors are wood, long exposure to water can damage the floors and cause lung issues for the home’s residents.

If you get a non-slip bath mat, it can reduce the chance of slipping on your wet bathroom floor or having long-term mold problems!

What’s The Purpose Of A Bath Mat?

The purpose of a bath mat is to give you something to step on after you get out of the shower, so you don’t slip. In addition, bath mats soak up extra water that splashes from your tub or drips when you step out of the shower.

Bath mats soak up water so that bacteria, mildew, and mold won’t grow on your bathroom floors.

It’s important to get a mat that is non-slip to avoid a dangerous situation from developing when you step out of the bath.

DIY Bath Mat

Okay, so now you are convinced that you need a bath mat for your bathroom, but you still don’t want to pay full price for one?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. In this section, we’ll discuss all the best ways to make your own bath mat!

Can You DIY A Bath Mat?

You can easily DIY a bath mat. There are plenty of options depending on your skill level. You can do so by crocheting, knitting, woodworking, or even braiding using recycled strips of towels. There are so many material options to create a bath mat of your very own. 

You can make bath mats from various materials, including corks, old t-shirts, yarn, wood, stones, or fabric. 

Then, you’ll just need to sew or weave the materials together to form a bath mat. 

How Do You DIY A Bath Mat?

You can DIY a bath mat by cutting strips of old towels or t-shirts and braiding them together. You can also find a variety of crochet or knitting patterns to make your bath mat.

You can also use a towel to make a bath mat by using a sewing machine to make hems on all sides of the mat.

If you want to make a bath mat non-slip, you can use velcro. You can then attach one side of the velcro to the mat and the other side to the floor to stop it from slipping.

How Do You Make A Bath Mat?

An easy way to make a bath mat is by cutting up towels or t-shirts and braiding them together. These add a great pop of color to your bathroom while still absorbing water. Plus, they’re machine washable!

If you have a sewing machine, you can make a bath mat out of a single towel. You will only need to sew the edges of the towel to make a hem around it.

To make your DIY bath mat non-slip, you can add one piece of velcro to the bath mat and another to your bathroom floor.

How Do I Make A Bath Mat Out Of A Towel?

There are two ways you can make a bath mat out of a towel. One of the options involves cutting strips of towels and braiding them into a bath mat. You can also make a single towel into a bath mat by sewing up the sides to form a hem along the edge.

You can cover these edges by sewing a ribbon along the sewn edge. The ribbon can also add a nice design touch to your bath mat.

To make your DIY bath mat non-slip, you can add velcro to the mat and the floor to keep it in place.


Do you detest regular bath mats? You’re not alone. The wet squishy feeling on the feet is not a pleasant experience for many.

Don’t fret. In this section, we’ll talk about alternatives to the mushy mats of madness. 

What Bath Mat Material Is The Best?

The best bath mat materials are cotton, bamboo, microfiber, plastic, rubber, and memory foam. Cotton is the most common bath mat material, with microfiber a close second. No matter which you prefer, make sure they’re non-slip for safety!

Plastic and rubber bath mats are the best non-slip options. However, if you want to find a mat with the best comfort, try a memory foam bath mat.

These mats are comfortable for your joints, as well as being water absorbent.

Do Wooden Shower Mats Work?

Wooden shower mats do work. Sometimes they work better than cloth bath mats, as cloth mats can breed more bacteria and viruses when not cared for correctly. Bath mats made out of wood are better at standing against water and fighting against bacteria.

Wooden shower mats are easier to clean than cloth mats because cloth mats need to be machine washed weekly to avoid bacteria build-up.

They can also be cheaper than regular bath mats and more stylish. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Wood Bath Mat?

The purpose of a wood bath mat is the same as cloth and rubber bath mats; to have something to step on so you don’t slip when you exit your shower or bath. The main difference is wooden bath mats are better at fighting against bacteria and mold.

Wooden bath mats don’t absorb water as cloth bath mats do. This makes the mat more comfortable to stand on and doesn’t feel squishy or mushy.

In addition, they are elevated off the floor, so the water evaporates rather than the moisture being trapped inside the fabric.

How Do You Use A Wood Bath Mat?

You use a wooden bath mat just like how you would use a regular mat except when cleaning. Unfortunately, you can’t put a wooden bath mat in the washing machine as you can do with cloth bath mats. Instead, you will need to use soap to wipe away any bacteria.

However, wooden bath mats don’t grow as much bacteria, mold, and mildew as cloth bath mats.

This is because the water evaporates, unlike cloth mats where the water is absorbed and trapped inside the fabric. 

How Do You Make A Bamboo Bath Mat?

With your handyman skills and the correct supplies, you can easily make your bamboo bath mat. You will need nails, non-slip pads, a paint stir stick, and sandpaper. You will also need 1×2 bamboo or 1×6 bamboo rods.

Here’s how to put it all together:

  1. Use a table saw to cut the slats into the correct size, if necessary. 
  2. Round the slate’s edges with sandpaper
  3. Lay the slats beside each other with space equal to the size of a paint stir stick.
  4. Cut runners and attach them to the back of the mat using nails.

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Related Questions

How Do You Not Slip In The Bath?

You can prevent slipping in the bath by buying non-slip sprays, non-slip tape, rubber shower mats, or grab bars and handles. You can also make some of these things yourself if you do not want to spend extra money on these projects.

If you make your shower products easily accessible, you will lessen the risk of slipping in the bath.

In the end, if none of these options work for you, you will have to think about purchasing a new tub in your bathroom.

Do You Need A Bath Mat In A Wet Room?

You absolutely need a bath mat in a wet room. They not only soak up water on your floor, but they keep your room clean and hygienic. Bacteria, mildew, and mold can grow when your floors are left wet for long periods. 

If your floors are wood, long exposure to water can create water damage.

If you get a non-slip bath mat, it can reduce the chance of you slipping on your wet bathroom floor, making your wet room safer.

What Can You Make Out Of Old Towels?

You can make a variety of things out of old towels, including washcloths, bath mats, slippers, loofas, beach bags, swifter covers, towel wraps, pet cushions, and more. Truly, you can make anything you can dream of!

Reusing old towels is a great way to help the environment and create something new that is water absorbent.

In addition, it can save you money and be a fun craft to pass the time. Plus, if you DIY, you know it will fit your aesthetic!

Final Thoughts

We hope this article answered your questions and inspired you to save money or create a unique bath mat of your very own!

Who knew such a simple everyday item could inspire so many creative solutions? So have fun DIY’ing your epic bath mat! 

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