How Much Does It Cost to Add Windows to a Garage Door?

How Much Does It Cost to Add Windows to a Garage Door

Garage doors can often be dark and dingy, but adding windows can change that. This renovation project not only brightens up the space but also increases the overall aesthetic appeal. How much does something like this cost, though?

On average, adding windows to an existing garage door costs around $40 to $60 dollars, including the work of cutting the panel and adding the window frame. However, replacing the entire garage door panels with ones that already have windows can reach upwards of $3,000.

In this article, we will discuss what you can add to your garage door panel and what you need to know about adding windows to your garage door. That way, you know that you’re making the right decision and that it is backed up with the right information.

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

The window frame and the glass can easily cost up to $200-$300 without including the process of hiring a contractor. However, faux windows can still give you a good-looking garage without indulging in many expenses.

The best part is finding various designs that fit your garage. Here are some faux windows we think you’ll love:

1. Eapele Magnetic Garage Door Windows – These magnetic door windows can help you upgrade the look of your home. And it’s an easy install!

2. Simulated Garage Door Window – Its curved design promises to give your home a classy appeal. The best part about these windows is that you can choose to paint them to your liking so they can fit your home’s design.

3. Faux Window Sheets – If you want a simple look, try using these faux window sheets. They can help you add a more modern look home.

Window Possibilities

Windows can give a lot of benefits to you and your loved ones, so many people decide to get them quickly. But is it possible to add them to an existing garage door? Let’s discuss how you can add windows to your garage door below.

Can I Add Windows to an Existing Garage Door?

You can add windows to an existing garage door, as it is beneficial if you want to add a new light to your garage space. In addition, it will enhance it so you can use it for other things, like a small gym or work office.

Additionally, it is less expensive to add windows to your garage door instead of replacing the door altogether. Other ways of adding windows include buying a new set of garage door panels, which can require more installation time and money.

Can You Replace Garage Door Panels With Windows?

Replacing your current garage door panels with panels that contain windows is feasible, although it is recommended that you consult with a professional for better guidance. You can also choose different designs that can fit the aesthetic.

However, there are a few concerns you should keep in mind. For example, adding windows to your garage door can alter its weight. If your garage door is old, you may want to check if it’s strong enough to support the new windows.

Can I Add Glass Panels to My Garage Door?

It’s not possible to add glass panels to an existing garage door. However, you can decide before purchasing your garage door panels. Nonetheless, you can replace your entire garage door with glass for a better aesthetic.

What you can do, instead, is add windows to your current garage door panels. This process is possible, and it can be economical if you decide to do it yourself. Yet, it’s better if you consult with a professional that can help you with this. 

Are Garage Door Windows Worth It?

Garage door windows can be worth it due to the change of ambiance it offers to your garage space, but it also comes with some risks that you need to consider. For example, certain types of glass could break easily. Thus, you may want to avoid those.

Yet, the benefits of garage door windows are vast. Not only does it help you add a new, airy vibe to your garage, but it also can give a better aesthetic to your home because of the multiple design options you can choose from.

Where Do Windows Go in a Garage Door?

Garage door windows tend to go on the top fourth or third section of the door, depending on the purpose and benefit you want from them. The top fourth section is the most preferred area where you can add windows to a garage door.

Generally, adding windows to the top fourth section of the garage door offers more privacy while, at the same token, it provides enough light to your garage space.

 However, many people prefer adding them to the third section of the garage door so that they can look through the window. And if they feel uncomfortable because they believe they are being “watched,” they can use two-way glass mirror windows to resolve the problem.

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How Do You Update an Existing Garage Door?

You can update an existing garage door by painting the door’s exterior, adding new hardware, and adding new windows or other features that can benefit its users. Even updating the landscape around it can help you give it a better look.

The hardware can be removable or permanent, depending on your choice. Meanwhile, the garage door color will depend on your preference and the overall exterior look of your home. 

Adding windows to an existing garage door can help you improve the look of your house’s curb appeal. This will also be influenced by the design of the garage door window, hence the importance of choosing the right design for your home.

How to Add Garage Door Windows

The installation process for your garage door windows will depend on your choice of window type and material. Therefore, you should understand how to add them to your garage doors and what to consider when choosing. Let’s talk about it below.

How Do You Cut a Window in a Garage Door?

You cut a window in a garage door by measuring the panel and the window separately, then marking where you will cut on the panel. Secure the space with masking tape, then cut the desired space with a jigsaw.

Once the cut is done, you are ready to add the windows. Remember that you will probably need to use the jigsaw on both sides of the panel before attaching the windows. Also, you must ensure that the size is accurate.

How Do You Install a Garage Door Window Kit?

After spacing the magnets out, you have to attach the magnetic panels on the garage door window kit to fulfill its installation to the garage door. These kits include magnetic sheets that simulate windows to improve the look of your garage.

The installation should not take you more than 30 minutes. Further, if the garage door window kit you chose includes hardware, you can easily place them at any side of the door that you think fits best. 

The only thing to mention about the faux windows is that you have to know which side goes in and which side goes out. Usually, the reflective side will go out, while the non-reflective side goes in since it will be the side you will attach to the garage door. 

How Do You Make a Fake Window for a Garage Door?

To make a fake window for a garage door, measure the area where you want to place your windows, cut plexiglass according to that measurement, and then adjust the size of the PVC window frame you need. Attach them all, then proceed to install.

Here is the detailed process on how to make a fake window for your garage door:

  1. First, ensure that there are no obstructions on the outside and inside part of the garage door panel since you will need to screw the fake windows on it. After this, use an L-shaped framing square to avoid making mistakes when cutting the plexiglass.
  1. Cut the plexiglass with a cutter and adjust it according to the dimensions you need for your garage door panels. Once everything is cut, bend the plexiglass by pressing it against the L-shape square until it snaps. Ensure that the edges are smooth.
  1. Next is customizing the plexiglass. You can either add a two-way mirror-like film to give it a more realistic look or simply paint it with spray paint. Then, adjust the size of the PVC window frames to fit the dimensions you need. 
  1. Stick them together with strong glue. Later, proceed to pre-drill holes in the plexiglass with a cordless drill. Avoid using too much force when doing this, lest you break the plexiglass.
  1. Finally, put the faux windows you made on the garage door panel and screw them on it. Don’t tighten the screws too much, or it will affect the final results.

Where Should You Add Windows to a Garage Door?

You should add windows to the fourth top section of your garage door if you are looking to add more natural light to your garage or on the third top section of your garage door if you want to be able to look outside. Ultimately, it depends on your preference.

Nevertheless, it is more common to see garage door windows placed on the fourth top section. It not only provides light to the garage space but also promotes a greater sensation of privacy. Therefore, in this regard, it is more convenient.

How  Do You Make a Window in a Garage?

You can choose two options to make a window in a garage: either cut the door section where you wish to add a window frame or buy a simulative window kit and install it on the garage door. The latter option is less expensive.

Measure the window and the panel’s size to ensure it is a correct fit. Then, mark where the windows will be placed, and use a jigsaw to cut. Cut the marked lines and ensure to do it on both sides of the panel.

What is left is attaching the window to the space you just cut, and this will be different for every window manufacturer. Therefore, you should consult the instruction manual to ensure you know the correct attachment process. 

How Do You Install Window Inserts in a Garage Door?

You cannot install window inserts in a garage door, but you can install them in existing window frames on a garage door. First, you must pop them inside the frames, ensuring each corner is placed and accommodated well.

Moreover, you must ensure that the corner is set well when installing them. They should be even and secure on all sides to ensure that it does not fall off or looks funny.  To remove window inserts, you must pull them carefully from the center of the frame without using too much force. That way, you’ll avoid breaking them. 

Window Types

Different windows will have various costs, depending on their types and if they require a contractor involved. Knowing about these costs and about the different window types you can choose is important. So, let’s discuss it below.

How Much Does a Garage Door Panel With Windows Cost?

A garage door panel with windows can cost you between $250 to $1,800, although it can go up to $3,000, depending on the manufacturer and design. This price can also vary if you require a professional to install it.

The average price range, however, is around $400 to $2,400 for professional installation. Therefore, you should arrange a solid budget whenever you consider renovating your garage door

Are Garage Door Windows Double Pane?

Although most people recommend these types of windows, not all designs include a double-pane feature, so you should ask your manufacturer for these types of windows if you’re considering your protection needs. 

Double-pane windows can be beneficial, especially if you live where the weather fluctuates harshly. Thus, don’t hesitate to ask your manufacturer for these windows if you believe they are a better option. 

Which Windows Are Best for a Garage?

The best windows for a garage will depend on what you’re looking for, although many suggest choosing double-pane insulated windows for better weather protection. Yet, there are other window types you may want to consider.

Here is a list of the most common types of windows and what they are best for: 

  • Double-hung windows – They complement the home’s look. The best part is that you can temporarily open or close them if you wish to ventilate the garage. Therefore, it is best for people looking to have both light and air.
  • Picture windows – They are better for ventilation. However, it is not fitting for someone looking to add more light to the garage space. Nevertheless, this is the best option if you’re only interested in ventilation and not much daylight.
  • Gliding windows – You can also open these types of windows as you wish, but they can offer a better aesthetic to the home. If you’re the type to use your garage as a work office, these windows will probably interest you.
  • Casement windows – Places that need constant air fluctuation will likely benefit from this type of window. However, its installation process could be complicated because you can’t install it near active pathways.

Do Garage Door Windows Need to Be Insulated?

Although garage doors don’t always need to be insulated, they are still recommended since they maintain a stable temperature within the garage. Not only does it protect from cold weather, but it also protects from extreme heat. 

Besides, you should consider getting insulated windows regardless of how your state’s usual weather is. Since it keeps a comfortable temperature within your garage, you’ll likely benefit from it in many ways. 

What Size Is a Garage Door Window?

The average size for a garage door window is 38 inches by 10.5 inches, although these sizes may vary depending on the measurements of your garage door panels. The ideal thing is to measure the section where you want to place your windows.

You can determine the size of the window you need once you have these measurements. Otherwise, you risk making a mistake followed by a larger expense due to unfitting windows. 

Related Questions

Should I Add Windows to My Garage?

You should consider adding windows to your garage because they can improve the aesthetic of your home, add ventilation to your garage, and improve the look of your home’s curb appeal. If you’re interested in these benefits, don’t hesitate to get them.

Besides, it can also help you create a comfortable garage space. If you’re the type to have a small home office in your garage, the windows can improve the ventilation and air and give you the chance of being exposed to natural, needed light. 

What Are Windows in a Garage Door Called?

Garage door windows are sometimes called window inserts, although this term results from a common misconception regarding window parts. Nevertheless, these window parts are worth mentioning to avoid confusion.

Windows can sometimes have inserts, but it is not a general requirement. It depends on your styling choice and whether it matches your home’s look. And generally speaking, you cannot install inserts on a garage door without having a preexisting window.

Do Glass Garage Doors Break Easily?

Garage doors can break if they are not secured correctly in a garage space or if the glass is not resistant to higher impacts they could receive from weather fluctuations. The type of glass they are made with can also influence this.

It’s recommended to choose strong glass to keep your glass garage door from breaking easily. They often are secured with aluminum for better stability, providing a better aesthetic to your home. If the aluminum isn’t secured correctly, it could fall or break.

Final Thoughts

Garage door windows are an amazing thing you can add to your garage, especially if you’re looking to add more natural light to your garage space or just want to improve the aesthetic of your home.

However, the installation cost and the process can vary significantly. For example, buying window frames can easily go above $300 without including the cost of buying the glass it needs. And, yet, it still does not include the cost of the materials you need to be able to install the window.

Of course, this is not so with faux windows. Since they are fake, their price could range from 30 to 60 dollars. However, their installation is relatively easy, as you just need to attach them to your garage door by screwing them or taking advantage of the magnet feature. 

The thing is that this decision should be comforting for you, and it should not be a motive for any negativity because of the price or the budget. You can go around it to have a decent, good-looking garage. Hopefully, this article has given you good ideas.

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