Can You Put Furniture in a Dumpster? (How to Legally Do It)

Can You Put Furniture in a Dumpster

After noticing how worn out that furniture is, you’re probably considering replacing it. First, however, you want to be sure you dispose of your furniture legally. Simply throwing furniture parts in a trash can won’t work, so can you put furniture in a dumpster instead?

It’s possible to put furniture in a dumpster, but you have to either own the dumpster or ask permission to use said dumpster before putting items inside. Not asking is illegal, and you could face up to $30,000 in fines, depending on your state and city.

While it is urgent to change your furniture, it is also imperative to avoid trouble with the law. So, in this article, we will discuss how you can dispose of furniture using a dumpster, your options regarding the junk removal process, how to load a dumpster, and what else you can do with unwanted furniture.

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Furniture Disposal

There are many ways to dispose of furniture, but some are cheaper than others. Therefore, you may need to prepare a furniture disposal plan to avoid surprises. Let’s discuss all of the concerns about disposing of the furniture below.

Can You Put Furniture Next to the Dumpster?

Putting furniture next to the dumpster is not recommended if it’s located within the grounds of private property since it could be illegal. Doing it can count as trespassing and littering. Thus you should follow your city’s ordinances.

The legal consequences will vary per state, but they are not pretty. For example, some states could fine you up to $2,000 for littering, while others could go up to $30,000, as is the case with Maryland

How Do You Dispose of a Heavy Piece of Furniture?

You should begin disposing of a heavy piece of furniture by dismantling its detachable components, then call a junk removal service or rent a dumpster so your city can take care of the items. You shouldn’t attempt to throw it in a dumpster that’s not yours.

While tempting, throwing items in someone else’s dumpster isn’t okay and is most likely illegal. Therefore, you should avoid it and investigate your city’s junk disposal methods instead.

Some cities and states provide junk removal services at no cost to you. Others will provide specific days for municipal collection, stating conditions you should meet to comply with their regulations. 

What Kind of Things Can You Put in a Dumpster?

Things you can put in a dumpster include alkaline batteries, some electronic equipment, asphalt, bathroom fixtures, drained appliances, and empty spray cans or bottles. None of the things included in this list are harmful, hence why they’re allowed.

The main concern surrounding dumpsters is the harm an object could cause to it or the environment. This is why many cities forbid disposing of hazardous items inside dumpsters, such as antifreeze or gas propane. 

Things like wooden furniture can be disposed of using the dumpster. Although, the dumpster rental company will likely ask that you dismantle the wooden furniture components to dispose of them safely. 

What Can I Do With Furniture I Don’t Need?

If the furniture is still in usable condition, you can try gaining some profit from it by selling it. Consider donating it to a local charity or giving it to someone you know is in need if you don’t need to sell it.

If you have a friend that recently moved and needs new items, don’t hesitate to contact them and offer them the furniture you want to get rid of. However, if you believe your furniture is not in usable condition, try calling a junk removal service or rent a dumpster to get rid of it accordingly. 

Is It Illegal to Put Furniture in a Dumpster?

It is illegal to put furniture in a dumpster that you did not rent, or that is located within private property and for which you don’t have permission to access. However, renting a dumpster to dispose of your furniture is illegal.

If you choose to put furniture, or any other unwanted junk, in someone else’s dumpster, prepare yourself for heavy legal fines. Depending on your state or city, you could pay $500 up to $2,000. Of course, this amount can rise after being caught doing this for the second time.

Dumpster Costs and Concerns

Depending on the type of furniture you need to remove, you may consider renting a dumpster or calling a junk removal service for it. However, which one you choose depends on your budget and on how many items you’re going to dispose of. So let’s talk about it.

How Much Is the Cheapest Dumpster to Rent?

On average, the cheapest dumpsters to rent cost around $160 to $219 per week, depending on your residence. In addition, the average price for a dumpster goes from $279 per week to $487 per week.

The price for a dumpster depends on its size. While three-yard-sized dumpsters can cost less than $200, 40-yard-sized dumpsters can be as expensive as $780 per week. From this, we learn that the bigger its size is, the pricier it is. 

Why Do You Need a Dumpster for Your Old Furniture Removal?

Dumpsters are needed for old furniture removal because they are eco-friendly and are the most affordable way to remove them without affecting the people or the environment around you. Moreover, it is one of the safer ways to remove junk.

You can’t dump old furniture just anywhere. Even if you were to remove it on your own, you’d need to have a place to throw it away without affecting the people around you. In truth, dumpsters were made to get rid of unwanted stuff and are a way to keep things neat.

Can You Put Furniture in an Apartment Dumpster?

You can put furniture in an apartment dumpster if you are a resident of that building and if you have notified the apartment manager. The company included within the contract of the apartment complex should be notified at least 48 hours before pick-up.

Generally, they’ll require you to have the old-furniture ready for pick-up by five am. Thus, this process needs proper planning and consideration for the schedule. On another note, you can’t throw furniture in an apartment dumpster that’s not yours because it is not legal.

What Can’t You Put in a Dumpster?

Things you can’t put in a dumpster include hazardous materials such as antifreeze, gas propane, household cleaning liquids, and similar chemical-based products. Likewise, one should not throw adhesives or asbestos in a dumpster.

These items can harm the environment, so you should avoid throwing them in the dumpster. Likewise, you should not throw ink or resin within the dumpster, as it could harm it. For more information, check your local city ordinances and dumpster rental regulations.

Using the Dumpster Properly

You can use dumpsters to get rid of many unwanted items, but how to use them correctly can be confusing for many. Some people think they can fill the dumpster until they reach the sky, but is this correct? Let’s answer this question here.

What Cannot Go in a Roll-off Dumpster?

Adhesive items, asbestos, medical contaminants, household cleaning solutions, house water tanks, ink, and resin cannot go in a roll-off dumpster. This is because these items can damage the environment and the dumpster.

It is hazardous to throw medical contaminants related to bodily fluids because they can be infectious. For example, you cannot dispose of dialysis waste, blood bags, blood-soaked fabrics, expired drug prescriptions or used needles within a dumpster.

Additionally, adhesives, ink, and resin can harm the dumpster and deem it unusable. Moreover, asbestos and household cleaning solutions could be dangerous to the environment. Therefore, they should be disposed of according to the protocol of your city.

Are There Any Types of Furniture That Can’t Go in a Dumpster?

Upholstered furniture cannot always go in a dumpster, depending on your state and city and the dumpster company. Some may charge you an additional fee for disposing of such furniture.

The reason why certain states regulate the disposal or selling of upholstered furniture has to do with chemicals that could exist in them. Some of these upholstered furniture items are sprayed with deterrents to prevent fire hazards.

Thus, some cities forbid the disposal of upholstered furniture in dumpsters, as it is a hazardous material that needs to be handled differently.  This means you may need to search for a more specialized junk removal service to deal with these pick-ups. Keep in mind that it will all depend on your local ordinances.

What Is the Best Way to Load Furniture Into a Dumpster?

The best way to load furniture into a dumpster is first to detach any dismantlable items and organize them in a way that they’re distributed evenly. Likewise, you should put the heavy items first and then fill the gap with the smallest things.

Additionally, if you have to throw away boxes, flatten them first. You can also choose to cut them if flattening them is too difficult.  It is important to flatten the empty boxes as it helps leave space in the dumpster for other items.

Ensure to place all the furniture in a way that is distributed evenly throughout the dumpster. The dumpster’s weight should be even so that workers can move it easier, and you can take advantage of all the space within. 

Moving On

Even though throwing out old furniture is the first option that comes to our mind, there are other things you can do with unwanted items. These other options can change the lives of those who need them the most. So stay and explore it below.

What Do You Do With Unwanted Things When You Move?

If you have unwanted things and need to move, you can get rid of them by donating them, selling them, or disposing of them according to your city’s regulations. In addition, you can hire a junk removal service or a dumpster service to help you. 

You can also locate a family in need and donate your unwanted items there. Moreover, many local charities are willing to take unwanted furniture, and some of them may even pick them up for you. Finally, you can check for more information at charity websites like Goodwill. 

What Do You Do With Old Couches?

If you believe someone can still use your couch despite being old, you can try to give it to someone in need, give it to a local charity in your city or sell it to profit from it. However, if the couch is old or worn out, you may want to consider disposing of it. 

In fact, your city may be able to recollect your old couch if it’s compliant with their regulations. Check your government’s website to learn more about municipal collection days, which materials are accepted for disposal, and which collection locations are available.

What Can I Do With Old Furniture Near Me?

If you have old furniture in good condition and need to get rid of it but have no explorable options available, you can try to sell it in a garage or yard sale to profit from it. Otherwise, you may need to dispose of it.

It’s recommended to dispose of old furniture that is worn out and deemed unusable. However, there are many risks with giving or selling old furniture, including bug infestations and other unwanted chemicals the furniture may be processed with. Thus, you should keep this in mind.

How Can I Get Rid of My Furniture?

Depending on your budget and convenience, you can call a junk removal service or rent a dumpster to remove unwanted, worn-out, or unusable furniture. Dumpster rentals tend to be more affordable than junk removal services.

However, these are not the only options available to you. You can consult with a local charity to determine if your item is eligible for pick-up or if it’s acceptable for donations. Charities you can reach out to include Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Where Can I Throw Away Furniture for Free?

You can throw away furniture for free at a local collection spot designated by your city, or you can choose to take your furniture to non-profit organizations that accept drop-offs or offer pick-ups, such as Goodwill.

If you’re unsure about the local charities you can support, you can go to a local website that can tell you which charities are available. Remember that they have strict regulations regarding how the furniture should be delivered. 

For example, they may want that you store certain items in large storage containers, often air-tight, to ensure that the items are protected. Others may regulate upholstered furniture due to the risk of bed bugs. Thus, you should call them for consultation.

Related Questions

How Do You Fill up a Dumpster?

To fill up a dumpster, you should place the heaviest or bulkiest items for disposal and then fill in the gaps with smaller items to take advantage of its space. Moreover, you have to ensure that things are distributed evenly. 

If they are not distributed evenly, the dumpster won’t balance the weight, and it will be harder for the dumpster company to pick up the items for disposal. Likewise, you should fill any gaps that may be within the dumpster after you’ve placed enough items. 

Further, you should not overfill the dumpster. If you do, the company won’t be able to transport the items safely. They could even violate the law by not complying with legal weight limits. Thus, you should keep the items 12” below the top to ensure maximum security.

Where Can I Dispose of an Old Mattress?

Depending on what is allowed in your city, you can dispose of old mattresses at a local municipal collection point or through a junk removal service. To ensure you’re keeping the word of the law, you should consult with your local ordinances. 

Some cities allow you to dispose of mattresses via a dumpster or junk removal service. In contrast, others may require more strict conditions to do so. Thus, it’s best to consult with the law in your city to ensure that the way you’re disposing of your mattress is legal.

How Can I Get Rid of My Couch Fast?

The fastest way to get rid of your couch is by calling a local junk removal service, as they are more specialized in removing old couches and similar furniture from houses. There are many popular junk removal services that you can find online.

Nevertheless, this is not the only way to quickly get rid of your couch. You can still choose to donate it to someone in need, sell it, or give it to a local charity so they can give it to a family in need. Ensure that the couch is still in good condition. Otherwise, the charity won’t accept it.

Final Thoughts

You can put furniture in a dumpster as long as you follow your city’s protocol and you receive official permission from your government. If you choose to use a dumpster that’s not yours, you’ll likely face legal consequences that will have you paying heavy fines.

Moreover, there are items that you can’t put inside your dumpster. These items are often hazardous waste, but they can also include items that harm the dumpster. Knowing this is important, so you don’t get into any type of trouble.

And, if you think that your furniture is still usable, don’t hesitate to give it to someone in need. You could make someone’s life better by giving them a furniture item they’ve needed for quite some time. You can also give it to your local charity, and they’ll find someone suitable.

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