Upstairs Neighbors Have a Squeaky Bed? (Polite Solutions)

We all want to feel safe and comfortable in our apartments or shared living spaces.  So, what do you do when your upstairs neighbors break that sacred bond?  How do you deal with upstairs neighbors having a squeaky bed? 

If your neighbor’s squeaky bed is keeping you up at night, you need to tell them.  If you have their number, you can text them. Otherwise, the next time you see them, delicately mention that their floor isn’t as soundproof as they might expect, and they should get the hint.

While it’s pretty safe to assume what activities are causing that squeaky bed, it’s not always the case. So stick with us while we talk about why else the bed might be squeaking and the best ways to address this awkward situation!

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

Talking to your neighbor about their squeaky bed is always the best place to start if you want the noise to stop. But, unfortunately, talking about it isn’t always enough. 

If you need to quiet down the neighbors, you may have to take matters into your own hands. 

Try one of these great options to add to your aesthetic while minimizing noise between you and your inconsiderate neighbors:

1. Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels – The style of a painting with the benefits of foam soundproofing.

2. Wallpaper – Everyone needs something on their walls, and wallpaper with built-in soundproofing is a great way to do both at once!

3. Paint – If wallpaper isn’t your thing, try using some sound-dampening paint instead!


If you don’t want to hear the upstairs neighbor’s squeaky bed, one option is to soundproof your place.  In this section, we’ll talk about the best ways to do that and other options if you can’t soundproof.

What to Do When You Can Hear Neighbors Squeaking Bed?

If your neighbor’s bedtime routine annoys you or keeps you awake, consider addressing your concerns with them.  Let them know they are being loud. This works especially well if you can pinpoint the activity happening after 10 pm, as this time is usually considered quiet hours, albeit unofficially.

If your neighbor isn’t receptive to your plight, you may have to consider other options.

For example, you can use white noise machines to drown them out or purchase earplugs to block the noise.  Soundproofing is also an option.

How Do I Delicately Inform My Neighbors I Can Hear Their Squeaky Bed?

If you’re having issues with a neighbor’s bedroom activities being heard in your apartment, consider that your neighbor may not even be aware you can hear.  Try starting a conversation with them about how thin the walls are. 

Or, play some music one night, then ask them if it had been too loud the next morning. This can be a great segway into helping your neighbors realize that maybe you can hear them, just like they can hear you.  

If beating around the bush isn’t working, you may have to get direct. 

Your neighbor will probably be mortified to find out you can hear them, and they will be apologetic and thankful you clued them in. Hopefully, this is enough to end the squeaking.

How Do I Talk to My Neighbors About Their Loud Bed Squeaking?

Approach your neighbors calmly and remember, they probably don’t realize you can hear their bedroom activities. So gently inform them that you can hear them when they’re upstairs at night and ask them to be quiet.

Without getting into specifics, you may have to mention that you can hear something squeak and ask them if they can fix it.  If your neighbors have a good sense of humor, you could even gift them some WD-40!

How Do You Tell Your Neighbors You Can Hear Them?

If you don’t want to have an awkward conversation in person, you can always write a polite note to your neighbor and slide it under their door.  Inform them that you can hear them in their bedroom and ask them to be quiet after hours. 

If asking hasn’t worked so far, you may need to get slightly more aggressive. First, check your county’s noise ordinances. 

Most places have a statute in place prohibiting noise after a certain time.  

How to Write Neighbors a Note About Squeaky Bed Noise?

You can start your note by explaining who you are and where you live. Then, let them know gently that your ceiling is not soundproofed and that you can hear them moving around upstairs. 

 Additionally, you can hear them getting in and out of bed and that they may need to tighten up the springs on their bed. After that, they’ll (hopefully) get the hint and do something about the noise. 

How Do I Politely Ask My Upstairs Neighbors to Stop Bouncing on Their Bed?

You can start a polite conversation in person if you see your upstairs neighbor in the lobby of your building.  Mention to them that you’ve been concerned that you’re being too loud. 

You can then casually mention that you’ve heard your neighbors goofing off at night and that you’re concerned they can hear you too. 

That should be enough of a hint for them to tighten their bedsprings or bounce a little quieter next time. 


Having a thin wall or ceiling can lead to accidentally hearing sounds that you weren’t meant to hear from your neighbors.  If you’re hearing sounds you don’t want to hear, we have solutions! 

How Can I Inform My Neighbors the Walls Are Thin?

Ask your neighbors if they have noticed how easily noise travels throughout your apartment.  You can also mention to them that sometimes you can hear them moving around in their bedroom at night.

Ask them if they can tone down their late-night activities if it’s bothering you.  Of course, your neighbor has the right to ignore you if they’re not being unreasonably loud. 

If they don’t comply, you may need to consider soundproofing your apartment. 

What Can I Do About Thin Walls and Amorous Neighbors?

You can always attempt to let your neighbors know that you can hear more than they probably want you to. However, if they don’t seem open to hearing that, you may have to take other routes to drown out the noise. 

If talking to them doesn’t do anything, you’ve got other options. First, consider soundproofing your bedroom or whatever room you can hear them in. 

Otherwise, get yourself a decent white noise machine so you can’t hear them anymore. 

Should I Tell My Neighbors I Can Hear Their Bed Squeaking?

Your neighbor probably has no idea that you can hear their bed squeaking and would be embarrassed if they found out. So instead, you can gently inform them that the walls are thin and that they may want to be quieter. 

Just be cautious with your phrasing. You want to explain the situation without sounding judgemental or creepy. 

After all, what they do in their bedroom really isn’t any of your business, and you’re just trying to keep it that way. 

How Do I Tell My Neighbors I Can Hear Into Their Bedroom Through My Walls?

Try and strike up a conversation with your neighbors sometime when you see them in the lobby or hallway, as long as no one else is around.  Inform them that you can hear them in the evenings and don’t want to make them uncomfortable, but the noise needs to lessen. 

They may need to invest in some soundproofing, or maybe they just need to fix their bedsprings. 

Either way, your neighbor should appreciate you clueing them in, even if it’s an awkward conversation.

Late Night

Hearing late-night noises from loud neighbors is never pleasant.  In this section, we’ve got tips and tricks to help you combat late-night noises. 

We’ll talk about how to have that awkward discussion with your upstairs neighbors and other options to silence the noise. 

How Do I Write a Letter to My Neighbor About Late Night Noise?

Start your letter by explaining you would want someone to tell you if they could hear your late-night activities.  Let them know their private activity isn’t as private as they want it to be. 

Ask them to tone down their activities and remind them that unnecessary noise late at night is typically illegal. 

Ask them politely to either stop or dampen the sound so it doesn’t disturb the rest of the complex.  Remember to be as polite as possible. 

How Do I Politely Ask My Neighbor to Quiet Down During Late Night Bedroom Activity?

You can speak to your neighbor in person if you feel comfortable. Otherwise, write them a note.  Either way, inform them that you can hear them in their bedroom at night, and you don’t want to make them feel awkward but want them to be aware.

Remember, your neighbor probably has no idea that their nightly activities can be heard outside their bedroom.

This information will probably mortify them, and they’ll apologize and figure out a solution. 

How Can I Make My Neighbors Quiet Down After Dark?

Start by speaking with them and asking them to quiet down at night.  Explain that you can hear them at night, and it’s disturbing you.  You may also need to explain what you’re hearing so they know it’s unacceptable. 

If your neighbor is just doing daily living activities, you may need to be the one to change your habits, as your neighbor has the right to reasonable amounts of noise in their apartment. 

However, if the noise is up to noise pollution levels, you can complain to authorities if they don’t compromise or stop the behavior after being asked. 

How Can I Stop Hearing Neighbors Late Night Activities?

You can always ask your neighbors to quiet down at night, but sometimes that won’t solve the problem.  If your neighbors aren’t making ultra-loud noises but are just going about their night, there’s not much they can do to stop it. 

In that case, you may need to change your habits to make your life more comfortable.  Consider investing in a white noise machine, so you cannot hear your neighbors at night. 

These machines will help cover the noise and soothe you to sleep.

Their Side of the Wall

So far, we’ve talked about the neighbor’s noise.  But, if you can hear them, odds are, they can hear you too. Yikes! 

So in this section, we’ll take a few minutes to ensure you’re a polite neighbor. 

How Do You Make Sure Your Neighbors Don’t Hear You in Your Bedroom?

Once you realize you can hear your neighbors through the wall, it’s hard to imagine that they can’t hear you.  If this is the case, try to limit loud activities to daytime hours.  While you can’t stop living your life, you can try your best to be a polite neighbor. 

If you know that you have an alternative schedule and will be making lots of noise in the evenings or nights, consider soundproofing your room. 

This will help prevent noise complaints and keep you on good terms with your neighbors. 

How Do You Know if Your Neighbor Can Hear You in Your Apartment?

First, consider how much noise you hear from your neighbors.  If you can always hear exactly which room of their apartment they’re in, or if you can hear their conversations, assume they can hear the same. 

Apartment living only works with mutual respect between you and the neighbors. Try to keep the noise down when you can. 

While you’re okay to watch tv at night, try not to have the noise blaring to the point where they can file a noise complaint

What if My Neighbors Hear My Bed Squeak?

Squeaky beds happen.  If you’re concerned your neighbor can hear your squeaky bed, tighten the springs to help alleviate the noise.  You may also need to use a lubricant, such as WD-40, to stop the squeaking. 

If solutions like tightening the springs aren’t enough, you may need to resort to soundproofing the room. 

If your neighbor is still complaining, you may need a new boxspring or purchase a bed option that doesn’t require springs. 

How Can I Prevent My Neighbors From Hearing Me in My Bedroom?

You can prevent noise from traveling through the walls or floors of your apartment by soundproofing.  While this usually means adding panels, there are plenty of other options.

Some great soundproofing options include:

Related Questions

What Is the Normal Noise Level in an Apartment?

To survive living in an apartment complex, you need to be able to live with a little bit of noise.  That said, you should try to keep the noise down when you can and expect your neighbors to do the same. 

You can do all your usual activities, vacuum, use a blender, whatever you need, but try to do these activities during the day and definitely not after 10 pm. 

Some apartment complexes may even have you sign an agreement not to make noise after 10 or 11 pm.

How Can I Soundproof My Bedroom?

Soundproofing a room doesn’t have to be a huge pain!  Sometimes, adding furniture is enough to dampen the sound.  They also make curtains, painting, and even paint that provides a damper to sound. 

If none of those options work for you, you can purchase foam soundproofing and place it on your walls and ceiling.

You can use an adhesive spray or even strong tape to place soundproofing that won’t damage your walls when you take it down.  Perfect for apartment living!

Can My Upstairs Neighbors Hear Me at Night?

Sound travels in all directions.  So, if you can hear your neighbor, odds are they can hear you too.  If you’re concerned that your upstairs neighbor can hear you, you may need to install soundproofing in your ceilings, if possible. 

Otherwise, just be courteous about the noise levels in your apartment, especially at night.  This can go a long way to having a good relationship with neighbors. 

Most apartment-dwellers are resigned to the fact that there will be noise, but that doesn’t mean you have the freedom to make excessive noise at all hours. 

Final Thoughts 

No one wants to deal with overly amorous neighbors and their loud, squeaky beds. 

We hope these suggestions help you stop the noise, so you can look your neighbor in the eye the next time you see them in the foyer.  Sleep well!

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