Can Poop Go Down the Bathtub Drain? (Do This ASAP!)

Can Poop Go Down the Bathtub Drain

Uh-oh! Someone had a very nasty accident. It’s okay, children do that all the time. But the question is, can poop go down the bathtub drain? If so, can you get rid of it safely, without harming your tub or your pipes in the process?

Bathtub drains are not equipped to handle poop passing through them. Due to the drains in bathtubs being smaller in diameter, poop can quickly clog the pipes in your bathtub. Bathtub drains also lack the required pressure and water volume to properly move feces out of the pipes.

We know you’re in a hurry, especially because you need this problem solved before someone finds out. So, in this article, we will disclose whether or not can poop go down the bathtub drain, what to do if your kid pooped inside the tub, and how can you get rid of it quickly.

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

Poop going down your bathtub drains can cause a lot of issues for you. Both drain-wise and health-wise.

Luckily, here are some homemade solutions that can help dissolve the poop efficiently without damaging your pipes.

We believe you can use these to clean your bathtub drain: 

1. Baking SodaFor a quick clean.

2. Distilled White Vinegar For deep cleansing.

3. Drain Clog RemoverTo unclog your pipes after a special incident. 

Can You Poop in a Bathtub?

Before we get into the cleaning tips, you have to know whether it’s okay or not to poop in the bathtub. So, we’ll discuss this topic right in this section!

Can I Poop in My Bathtub?

Technically, we can poop inside a bathtub if we have the capability to. But, it’s never a good idea. Doing so can affect the hygiene of you and your loved ones. Additionally, it can also be the culprit behind many serious illnesses, such as e. Coli.

You can choose to poop anywhere you want, even the sink. But, the question is, should you?

Should you take that risky step knowing how hazardous your poop can be to the environment and the overall human health? Is this really normal behavior?

Once you think about these things and analyze them better, then you will have a better idea of whether or not you can poop in your bathtub.

Is It Okay for Poop to Go Down the Tub Drain?

The tub drain is specifically designed to let the water go through the pipelines. The drain pipe they have is significantly less wide than a toilet’s, so it’s not truly prepared to receive the pressure it needs to “flush” your waste. 

It’s not ideal to let poop go down the drain because it has the potential to block the pipes.

Luckily, if it happened by accident, you can try homemade remedies that can help dissolve the poop efficiently without risking the safety of your household or your pipe.

In essence, you risk clogging your pipes if you let your poo go down the tub drain. Practically, there is no need to go to such extremes if you have your loo close by, even if it’s broken.

So, please, avoid this to keep your safety intact, thank you.

What Happens if You Poop in the Tub?

If you decided to throw your magnificent organic compounds inside your tub, you are to notice the significant odor that may come out of it. Furthermore, you’ll notice a large clump of brown waste in the small corner you chose to do the bidding. 

After noticing the small clump of waste in that small corner, then you’ll figure out that you need to clean it very quickly.

And, if you try draining it through the drainpipe, you’ll notice that it won’t go down smoothly, making you need to manually push it down the drain. Have fun!

What Do I Do if My Child Poops in the Bathtub?

The first thing you should do is not panic and take the child away from the tub immediately. It’s normal for a parent to freak out if they notice that their child thought it was convenient to do their bidding while taking a bath.

After you’ve taken your child out, get a disposable plastic cup, preferably large.

Make sure to trap all the floating waste from within your bathtub by using it, and make sure to throw it later inside the toilet so you can flush it.

If the organic waste is too liquid to grab, simply drain the bathtub and then proceed to quickly clean and disinfect the zone.

You’ll need to grab a bleach disinfectant or your preferred non-toxic cleanser. Apply throughout the whole bathtub area, and rub it with an old sponge.

Rinse well and let it drain. If there are remaining poop parts around your tub drain, get vinegar and baking soda to try to dissolve them entirely so they can leave your tub.

After you’ve cleared out the area thoroughly re-bathe your child so that no germs remain on their skin.

And, please, don’t hesitate to do it quickly. If you let it “slide” (pun intended), the poop can harden, and therefore it will be tedious to get rid of. 

How Do You Get Poop Out of a Bathtub Drain?

If you have already begun the quest of cleaning your bathtub after an incident, rinse the tub with warm water to get rid of the remnants. If remaining waste is left around or within the drain, take a cup of baking soda and throw it in. Then, add vinegar, and let it drain.

Baking soda and vinegar have proven to be effective in getting rid of poop out of a bathtub drain, so you can use them for this purpose, alongside warm or hot water.

Just remember to clean everything thoroughly so there are no peculiar natural odors or dirt.

How Do You Clean a Bathtub After Pooping?

To best clean a bathtub after pooping inside it, use your preferred bathroom cleaner to scrub the affected area thoroughly. Rinse with warm or hot water to get rid of the remaining waste. Make sure everything is neat before you use it, or allow others to use it.

Make sure to scrub your bathtub well so that no infected areas remain.

Poop can be dangerous for human health, as it contains the deadliest bacteria which are often responsible for common and serious illnesses

How Do You Clean a Baby Poop Out of a Bathtub?

If your baby relaxed well enough to let it go, you have to make sure to get rid of the small particles of waste inside your bathtub. Then, take your bathtub cleaner and an old cloth or sponge to scrub your tub. After, make sure to clean everything thoroughly.

Of course, take the baby out of the tub before cleaning. And after cleaning, and getting rid of anything nasty, then bathe him or her again so that they’re germ-free. 

Can You Poop Inside the Shower?

Now that you’ve learned about the consequences that involve pooping inside the bathtub, it’s important to learn if the same consequences apply to pooping in the shower. So, let’s discuss this below. 

Is It Okay to Poop in the Shower?

Just like a bathtub drain, a shower drain is not prepared the same way a toilet is to receive a significant amount of organic compounds. Simply put, the only appliance within your bathroom that serves to get rid of stool is your toilet, and none else.

So, keep in mind that if you still try to poop in the shower, you risk clogging the pipes, since they’re not suited to receive enough water pressure that a toilet usually has to be able to flush the waste. 

Choosing to poop inside the shower is not the most ideal case scenario, especially if you’re not going to be the only one using it after you.

Nobody should encounter themselves with a horror story when they aim to simply clean themselves.

Can You Wash Poop Down the Shower Drain?

There is no practical way that your poop will safely pass the drainpipe since it’s not suited for this type of labor. The shower drain is not wide enough to sustain the poop you might throw at it. Thus, it has a high chance of clogging your pipes.

So, you might want to skip that idea if you don’t want to have to call a plumber to fix your pipes. You can freely prepare yourself for the walk of shame.

Can You Put Poop Down the Shower Drain?

A shower doesn’t have enough pressure nor enough volume of water to wash your poop away. This means that if your poop went down your drain, it’s probably stuck inside and you may need to use certain remedies to be able to dissolve it.

Vinegar and baking soda can be used to dissolve your poop smoothly and without much trouble. You can find them at any store, or online. Make sure to use them wisely.

What Happens if You Poop in the Shower?

If you decide to go with the idea of pooping inside your shower, surely you will have a mess to clean. Pooping inside a shower is not very ideal for you or your household, therefore it’s convenient to consider other waste disposal methods.

Think of all the poop you need to clean later. And, think of what would happen if your significant others find out.

It won’t be too pleasing, would it? So it’s best to avoid it and keep safe bathroom practices.

What if Poop Goes Down the Shower Drain?

If your poop travels down your shower drainpipe, there is a high chance that it may get stuck within it. So, you might need to recur on measures that you can do to dissolve it to get rid of the clog. This may or may not include calling a plumber.

If this becomes a recurrent practice, your shower will become smelly from the decomposition of your poop.

It creates an ammonia-like smell, and it’s not healthy for human lungs. Keep in mind the safety of your loved ones if you ever come across this thought.

Can Poop Come Up Shower Drain?

There’s a chance that poop comes up a shower drain when a sewer pipe is blocked. In such cases, you should call a plumber immediately so that he or she can help you solve the issue as quickly as possible, as it needs to be done right away.

What happens is that raw sewage can’t get out to the city’s sewing system, so the wastewater will go back through all the main pipes around your home.

You can clearly tell that this is the perfect environment for accidents and other nasty things.

How Do You Dissolve Poop in a Shower Drain?

To dissolve poop in a shower drain, simply take a cup of baking soda and pour it down the drain. Then, use the same cup to pour vinegar down the drain, and make sure to rinse with warm water so you can dissolve the waste effectively.

Make sure to put in the amount of baking soda and vinegar you really need. This way, you’ll be able to unblock your drain pipe.

In addition, hopefully, this experience has taught you the reason why a loo is so important to have within a bathroom.

General Plumbing

Poop belongs neither in a bathtub drain nor in a shower drain. In fact, it could severely clog your plumbing!

So, let’s get into the details of how your waste can affect your plumbing. 

Can Poop Get Stuck in Your Pipes?

The poop can be wide enough to get stuck in your pipes. It can even happen within a toilet pipe if the waste we speak about is colossal. Meaning, that the type of stool you put inside the toilet pipe has to be in bigger proportions to be able to block the pipe.

If your toilet’s pipe can be blocked because of poop, more so it can happen in a shower drain or tub drain.

Under no circumstance it is hygienic and it will surely leave an interesting odor roaming around your bathroom. It’ll remind you of your uncle’s armpits back in the 80s.

Can Poop Block Drains?

Poop has the capacity of blocking drains, which will result in you needing to fetch a plumber. It can also cause them to smell interesting. It’s not healthy to keep them there since emanation of ill bacteria can occur.

Poop is simply nothing to mess with. You risk having a disease if you come in close contact with it. That’s why we have toilets – to avoid having to touch them to get rid of them.

Moreover, remember that you can always disinfect your bathroom with an amazing bathroom cleanser or even air freshener disinfectant.

It’s not costly and you can find one anywhere.

What Dissolves Poop in a Drain?

Poop can be dissolved in a drain if you use the proper products to do so. These include vinegar and baking soda. Surprisingly though, hot water can actually help dissolve them faster through the drain. And, the benefit of it is that hot water eliminates a lot of bacteria.

So, if you ever encounter yourself in a situation where you need to dissolve poop in a drain, try doing it with hot water.

Then, apply baking soda. Later apply vinegar.

Of course, after dissolving the poop, you might want to disinfect the area for the sake of mental peace.

Will Drano Dissolve Poop?

Drano can dissolve poop if such poop was originally stuck within a toilet. Of course, it has proven to be effective despite the awful claims many consumers made against it since it’s widely known that Drano can affect your pipes.

Even though Drano can harden within your pipes after many times of use, it still can help your poo travel through the pipes safely.

Of course, knowing that it’s not very recommended for pipes, you must limit their use for emergencies. Or, you can simply use it at your own risk.

Related Questions

Why Does My Child Poop in the Bathtub?

Sometimes, babies feel a lot of constipation. The only way to help them relax enough so they can relieve themselves is through warm water. Don’t be alarmed if your child finds the bathtub soothing for their physiological needs.

Eventually, your child will learn how to use the bathroom correctly.

Just breathe, have a lot of patience, and try to explain it to them as calmly as you possibly can.

If accidents happen, just make sure to clean everything so that neither you nor your child gets sick.

Is It Okay to Poop in a Sink?

Using the sink for waste disposal is not very ideal, since the waste has a high amount of deadly bacteria that can spread throughout your sink, where most of the members of your household wash their hands or brush their teeth.

It’s not ideal, nor hygienic. So it’s best to avoid trying these types of crazy ideas. And, don’t dare do it at parties after getting terribly wasted either (we see you).

Is It Okay to Pee in the Shower?

If you live alone, chances are that you’ve considered the environment-friendly idea of peeing in the shower. Many people do it to save time when they shower, and since it’s liquid, it’s easy to clean and it won’t disturb the overall function of your pipes.

Truth be told, it’s not the most sanitary choice.

Luckily, urine can be washed quickly, even though it’s not exempt from having harmful bacteria that can potentially carry common diseases.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, it’s highly recommended to avoid pooping at any place where there is no toilet. But, still, accidents occur, and in such cases, we must find the best solution to the problem upon us. 

You can get rid of poop by using baking soda and vinegar, alongside hot water. Of course, you need to disinfect the area first so it can be spotless! 

Remember to always keep the best bathroom practices. That way, you’ll avoid nasty situations and you’ll avoid having someone poop in your bathtub. 

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