Can Poop Go Down the Sink? (What to do if This Happens)

Can Poop Go Down The Sink

Sometimes accidents happen, and poop going down your sink drain definitely counts as an accident for most homeowners. But is it really that big of a deal? Can poop go down the sink without causing any problems?

You should not allow poop to go down your sink’s drain. Sink drain pipes are not designed to accommodate human feces, no matter how small. Feces can clog your sink’s drain just like any other type of waste material, and the resulting blockage can cause some serious problems for your plumbing.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the reasons why you should never allow poop to go down your sink’s drain.

We’ll also provide some tips on what to do if poop accidentally goes down your sink’s drain, how to clean a clogged drain caused by poop, and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

You may have clogged your pipe if you threw poop down the drain. Thankfully, there are methods and things you can use to resolve the matter without calling a plumber.

These will help you clean your sink: 

1. VinegarTo wash away the poo.

2. Bleach Disinfectant CleanerTo eliminate stubborn germs. 

3. Baking SodaClean your sink the right way. 

Is It Okay to Poop in Sink

Before we begin talking about how to get rid of poop from the sink, it’s vital to understand the morality behind this practice.

Is It Okay to Poop in the Sink?

The drain of a sink is not designed for throwing waste, so it won’t get rid of it appropriately. This is why it’s not adequate to throw poop down the sink, nor is it appropriate to relieve yourself by using the sink. 

The destination of your organic material compounds should always be the big ol’ toilet.

They’re designed specifically to tolerate the amount of pressure needed to flush the waste, which is why this amazing apparatus should always be in each bathroom.

Can You Put Poop Down the Sink?

It’s difficult to put your poop down the sink because the sink drain pipe is not designed specifically to get rid of waste. If there was an attempt on putting poop down the sink, there is a high chance that it may clog the drain and you need to unclog it manually.

I get it, you don’t want people to meddle in “your business”. However, the sink is not the most appropriate place to do business because you can spread germs around it. 

It will probably affect your loved ones badly, so it’s not permissible, even if you’re at a party and believe you have no other option.

Can Poop Get Stuck in Your Pipes?

Your pipes can be blocked because of poop in the cases where there was not sufficient water pressure to flush the waste. To unclog your pipes, you either need to hire a professional plumber or recur in homemade remedies that can help you.

Or, you can just use baking soda and vinegar to loosen your poop so that it can travel through the pipe and reach the waste line. It’s one useful home remedy you can consider doing.

Can You Poop in the Sink if Your Toilet Is Broken?

There’s truly no need to substitute your toilet with your sink in the case that it breaks. What you can do is use a plastic trash bag that will collect your waste, and add either baking soda or kitty litter sand to decrease the smell that may come with it. 

Of course, using a trash bag is useful because you can just throw it away and that’s it.

But, you have to buy products that help diminish the ugly smell, unless you want neighbors complaining at your door and ruining your mood every five minutes.

Where Should You Poop if Your Toilet Is Broken?

There are multiple alternatives you can try if your toilet is broken. You can use a trash bag, dig a cat hole or use a cat litter to collect your waste. These are practices often considered when hiking or camping, so it’s advisable to apply them.

To create a cat hole, you have to go outside and determine where the most private space is in your yard.

Then, with a small shovel, you have to dig a hole that’s big enough for your popó. After finishing your bidding, cover it with soil. It’ll block the smells and no one will notice.

To use a trash bag for your toilet, simply take a kitchen bag and line it with your toilet seat.

Put kitty litter or baking soda inside the bag so that it covers the uninvited smells coming from your waste.

Ensure to make this a normal practice. Also, try to fix your toilet quickly.

What Will Happen if Poop Goes Down Sink Drain 

Now that you understand whether it’s okay or not to poop in the sink, let’s learn about the consequences of incurring such a practice.

What Happens if Poop Goes Down Your Sink Drain?

If poop goes down your sink drain, there’s a chance that it will get stuck inside its P-trap. Therefore, it will leave an ugly smell. And even though the standing water in the P-trap changes, it will take longer to move the poop elsewhere.

So, you risk having a smelly and unsanitary sink. You should be able to clean and disinfect everything with your preferred cleaner, or bleach.

It will lessen the effect unless the poop is clogged within the sink drain pipe which is likely to happen in such cases.

Obviously, the simplest way to avoid this is to avoid pooping in any location where there isn’t a toilet.

We must consider all members of the home who require the sink to wash their hands. Or, if you’re anti-flies, keep in mind that stool is their favorite food.

So, clogged feces in your sink piping system will definitely attract those little creatures. They’ll even get too comfortable living in your bathroom, which is inconvenient because they’re so obnoxious.

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Can Poop Get Stuck in Drain?

Poop can get stuck in your drain, but it depends on the type of drain we speak about. Poop has the capacity of blocking your pipes because of its size and stiffness. Of course, you’d need to recur to manual measurements to soften or dissolve it effectively.

As embarrassing as it might be, your poo can get stuck even inside your toilet.

Of course, there are many products out there that can help you unclog your pipes, whether the culprit is your unique and classic organic compound or if it’s something else.

What Can’t You Pour Down a Sink?

Some of the common items that you can’t pour down your sink include grease, coffee grounds, and even some cleaning products. Moreover, there are other unexpected unflushable items because they’re often assumed to be safe to go right down the drain.

You can’t put grease, eggshells, coffee grounds, and even some cleaning products that may affect your drain pipes.

You can’t even pour down anything powdery, like flour or any medication tablet. Even products that are deemed “flushable” can’t be inside your sink!

Other things like kitty litter, the small stickers that come with your fruits or veggies, and other expandable foods are not meant to be put inside a sink.

All of these items may be responsible for a clogged sink, so it’s best to avoid throwing any of them down the drain.

What Is Safe to Pour Down the Drain?

Most liquid products, whether it be soap or juice, can be safely poured down the drain. Although, there are additional liquid products that are best to avoid throwing down your drains since they can cause other types of damage.

You can pour juice or water inside your drain and it won’t harm your pipes. Of course, there are other things to avoid.

It’s best to avoid throwing things like excessive hot water or pouring anything that may contain any type of coffee grounds.

Moreover, some oiled-based products are also detrimental to your drain. Therefore, proper safety measures must be considered.

How to Get It Out/Clean

Now that you know what can happen if you poop in the sink, let’s see what we can do about it.

How Do You Get Poop Out of a Sink?

First, prepare mentally for the biggest trauma of your life. Second, get some rubber gloves, and a strong trash bag, and make sure to gather all the materials you need to clean your sink. After, safely remove the poop out of your sink.

After removing the poop out of your sink, close the bag with a tied knot. Make sure it’s correctly tightened, otherwise, you may risk it falling out and creating a nastier mess.

After you dispose of the bag, get all the disinfectants that exist in the world and spread them around your sink.

Get every spot. Don’t miss a thing. Make sure to scrub that thing until it shines so much that your ancestors get out of their grave and tell you to stop.

Oh, and make sure the smell isn’t annoying or bothersome. You won’t want to have to explain what happened there…

How Do You Dissolve Poop in a Sink?

Dissolve poop in a sink by using homemade remedies or slippery cleaning products. The normal call-to-action would be to use a plunger and try flushing the toilet again, but some situations call for a direct solution.

Three things help dissolve a poop effectively: hot or warm water, baking soda, and vinegar. If you use hot water, you can throw baking soda down the drain, and later add vinegar to the party mix. 

You can expect the poop to dissolve quickly and after many long and tedious attempts to avoid feeling its smell.

Of course, you’ll need to disinfect the area, at least, three times. Just sayin’.

Does Bleach Dissolve Poop?

Bleach isn’t effective to dissolve poop, although it can help soften it. Usually, bleach is seen as a very useful cleaner when it comes to removing spots from white surfaces. But, in the case of poop, it simply whitens its color.

Don’t get me wrong. Bleach is an amazing product you can use to keep your drains clog-free. But, it doesn’t work to dissolve poop. All it will do is soften it, enough so it can be removed manually. 

It won’t dissolve the poop, so if you tried this option then you already noticed it’s not going to work. It soothes the stiffness from it, but it doesn’t break it down.

It may be disappointing but not surprising…

What Happens When You Pour Bleach on Poop?

When you pour bleach on poop, the chemicals in the bleach with react with the waste in a way that will whiten the color. From a dark-brown colored surface, it will turn into a very light brown. And, it won’t help dissolve it. It will only soften it.

Bleach will also quickly cover the smell, although the combination of bleach smell and poop smell will remind you of a baby’s poo.

It’s not as bad as adult poo, that’s for sure, so you can safely say that it protects your nose from more suffering.

Also, it will soften the poop. For example, if you have a pet, and this pet poops on a tile, and you don’t notice until after a few hours, you can use bleach to soften the poop that your pet left and you can safely remove it after a few minutes. 

So, you can clean a contaminated area with bleach, especially if such a contaminated area involves hard and dark poop.

Just make sure to prepare with strong gloves, otherwise, it will be pretty nasty for you.

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How Do You Dissolve Hard Stools?

Vinegar and Baking Soda have proven to fight well against hard stools. But, it will all depend on the surface where the stool is located. If it’s on your sink, you can try using bleach to soften them and later remove them with a small scraper.

But, if you want to completely dissolve them because they’re inside the sink drainpipe, you can use the vinegar and baking soda to do so.

They’re very effective at dissolving things because of the effect baking soda produces when reacting to vinegar, which is interesting

What’s the Best Chemical to Break Down Poop?

The best chemicals to break down poop are clog removers. They are agents designed specifically to remove cloggings from toilets and other drains. But, there are others that are more specific to poop cases. 

If the poop we’re speaking of got stuck in the toilet, any clog remover can help soothe it so that your toilet can flush properly.

But, if your poop is in your sink or bathtub, then we might need to use baking soda and distilled white vinegar to resolve the problem.

How Do You Dissolve Poop Quickly?

To dissolve poop quickly, open your sink’s faucet with the hot water setting. Pour vinegar and baking soda, one after the other. Leave the solution inside your sink drain for 20 minutes, then rinse with hot water. This should dissolve the poop quickly and effectively. 

The most effective method for dissolving poop quickly involves the use of vinegar and baking soda. Many people have loved their results, so you should try it too.

Will Feces Dissolve in Water?

Naturally, feces dissolve in water after they spend a sufficient amount of time inside it. However,  it doesn’t happen quickly. It can take up to one week for poop to finally dissolve and stop being an issue for good.

Poop naturally dissolves in water, given that they’re already inside it. Don’t expect it to dissolve quickly if they’re stuck inside a pipeline since they would be in a different setting.

Will a Poop Clog Eventually Dissolve?

A poop clog may eventually dissolve only under the conditions that it stays for long periods of time inside the water. Yet, you can also choose to dissolve the poop manually by using common dissolving agents that can be found within any household.

You can use baking soda, vinegar, and even dish soap to dissolve the poop manually. Or, just find a drain cleaner to help you resolve the problem. 

How Long Does It Take for Feces to Dissolve in Water?

Poop can take up to a week to fully dissolve, which is why it’s preferable to resolve the problem quickly. Feces can come in different shapes and sizes, which is why sometimes they may get stuck inside our toilets, making them unable to properly flush. 

Having a piece of poop clogging your pipes is not fun, especially with how smelly the situation can get.

Try to fix the matter by hiring a plumber, or by using a dissolving agent in your drain pipes. Besides, what’s a bathroom without a functioning toilet?

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Related Questions

Why Do People Poop in Sinks?

Even though human nature enjoys delving into the deepest mysteries of humankind, there is no way of knowing what may motivate different kinds of people to perform actions such as pooping in the sink, or inside a shower.

There’s simply no way to know a solid reason. Some people did it after playing truth or dare, others do it because they think they have no option, and others are simply not mentally healthy.

Maybe they’re not conscious of the problem it can bring to their health, and so on. 

Truth be told: poop can carry deadly diseases, and doing so in a place like a sink, where people wash their hands to get rid of the germs they despise, is not cool.

Imagine if children were to use that same sink… It just wouldn’t be pretty.

Can You Put Pee Down the Sink?

It’s not recommended to put pee down the sink, even if it doesn’t harm the pipes. The truth is that pee can be as harmful as poo, and it may cause other people to get serious illnesses. It’s something that should be highly discouraged.

Although many people believe that urine isn’t as harmful as poop, the truth is that it can carry the same deadly diseases (or worse) as poop.

Urine is not sterile. Indeed, it may carry infectious diseases, especially if the person who let it go is sick.

What Happens if You Poop in the Shower?

If you poop inside your shower, the chances are that it may end up in your drain pipe and that it will clog it. Of course, there are other factors to consider like the lack of hygiene that your shower space will have and the profound odor that’ll emanate from it.

It’s clearly not a safe practice to do, and it’s not the cleanest one either.

It’s best to avoid getting funny ideas inside the shower, otherwise, you may need to clean a horrible mess and fix whatever issue may happen within your pipe.

Final Thoughts

Pooping in your sink is not okay, especially because it can affect the members of your household in different ways.

Poop carries harmful diseases, and therefore, it has the potential of making you sick. 

Luckily, you can clean the affected sink with products you can even find within your kitchen. Just use them with warm water, and you’ll be able to dissolve them quickly.

Likewise, it’s not okay to pee on your sink. Even though urine is deemed to be sterile, the truth is that this allegation is false and it can be as harmful as poop.

It’s best to avoid satisfying your physiological needs when there is no toilet around. 

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