Can You Put a Mirror in the Shower? (Try Doing it This Way)

Can You Put A Mirror In The Shower

Putting a mirror in your shower seems like a great idea, right? You can check to see if you washed your face thoroughly and if you covered your whole head in shampoo! But, how you put up a mirror in the shower can be confusing. So, can you put a mirror in the shower? And, what is the best way?

You can install a mirror in the shower as long as you meet the restrictions established by your city’s building codes. Furthermore, it may be a valuable tool that provides you and your family with greater visibility and access to how you properly care for yourself. 

Of course, the possibility of having a shower mirror will ultimately depend on your bathroom space, and the way to install it will depend on the type of mirror. 

Well, you don’t have to be confused anymore, because we’ll discuss all the facts about shower mirrors, what’s the proper way to install them, and how having one can help you have a smooth daily routine.

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You can install a mirror in the shower as long as you meet the restrictions established by your city’s building codes. Furthermore, it may be a valuable tool that provides you and your family with greater visibility and access to how you properly care for yourself. 

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All About Shower Mirrors

Before we begin speaking about the proper way to have a shower mirror, you have to know all-things-mirrors first!

Why Should I Have a Mirror in the Shower?

Shower mirrors give you the chance of being able to look at yourself as you freshen up to start a new day. Even though they’re a tool that’s evolved over centuries, in our modern society, bathroom mirrors help to upgrade your current bathroom design.

A mirror in the shower is something important to consider if you want to enhance your bathroom experience.

For example, if you’re a woman, you might want to use a mirror to see your face when you’re applying skincare products to your face or removing your makeup.

For men, shower mirrors are a tool that eases their morning prepping process. They get to shower and shave at the same time, lessening the number of hours or minutes that they spend inside their bathroom.

Thus, bathroom mirrors can help anyone save time when they’re getting ready to work, go to appointments, or if they decide to hang out with friends for a bit.

All of this spared time can be used for important stuff like having a proper breakfast or doing anything that counts as essential.

As you see, shower mirrors can be an essential asset for you and your loved ones, which is why many people recommend getting one.

And, you should always make sure to choose one that works best for your necessities.

Do You Need a Mirror to Shave in the Shower?

Even though some people have gained the ability of shaving without a mirror, it’s not a recommended practice. If you’re not able to see yourself while shaving, chances are that you may harm or injure your face’s skin, which often leads to irritation and discomfort.

Perhaps, it may work for those who just want a hairless face.

But, if you’re sophisticated, and you want a specific look for your beard, it’s not something that you can easily pull without hurting yourself. So, having a shower mirror is the best option.

What Type of Shower Mirror Should I Get?

There are different types of shower mirrors that you can choose from, but this will depend on your current needs and preferences. Something that you can do is to get a mirror that you know will be safe to use in your bathroom, preferably shatterproof.

Shower mirrors come in different forms. For example, you can choose a pipe-attached shower mirror, but know that you may need to hire a plumber to install it.

Or, you can get a reservoir-based shower mirror, which simply lets you add warm water to a compartment located at the back, so you can avoid fogging and over-complications. 

You should choose the one that you’d like the most, not only based on your comfort but also on the overall bathroom safety and accessibility.

The latter means that you should consider your current bathroom space, otherwise, purchasing one might turn into a big mistake.

What’s the Best Shower Mirror?

The best mirror you can choose for your shower is built with an antifogging mechanism that helps to avoid mist by reducing the visibility you need. They come in different types, shapes, and sizes. Make sure to keep those in mind when purchasing.

The popular opinion prefers using reservoir shower mirrors because of how easy they’re to use, and they don’t require complicated installation methods like other types of fogless mirrors.

Just pour warm water on the back, hang it on the wall or place it on a shelf, and you’re good to go.

But, others prefer going over the process of remodeling their bathroom by installing a pipe-attached mirror, which works with your hot water supply line.

Having one like this can ease your showering days, but they require installation time.

So, the best shower mirror will be based on your preference.

Do you want to go over the process of installing something fancy in your bathroom while also aiming to remodel it, or do you want something simple and quick? It’s on you!

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Do Large Shower Mirrors Exist?

People often refer to the standard shower mirror as something that comes as medium-sized or small. Large shower mirrors don’t differ much from those, but they offer you a better vision for when you need to clean or shave your face.

You can choose a large shower mirror, but it doesn’t mean that it’ll cover your whole wall. Large shower mirrors offer more visibility than smaller mirrors, which is something that anyone can benefit from. 

But, when considering a large one, you should make sure to follow the bathroom mirror guidelines of your county, state, or city.

Make sure to follow them strictly, as their purpose is to serve you as a security measure that’s meant to protect you.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Shower Mirror?

Before buying your shower mirror, you should focus on finding out what shape and size is good for your shower space, its durability, and the installation method it requires. You should also make sure that your mirror is either laminated or tempered.

The national bathroom requirement for mirrors is that they must be laminated or tempered because they’re the safest.

If an accident happens and they break, the glass will disperse into tiny pieces, so you won’t face the danger of finding large and sharp pieces that may hurt you. 

Other things to keep in mind are:

  • The mirror size
  • Its shape
  • Your budget
  • Your household needs

Choose the option that supports your needs without compromising the safety or accessibility of your household, so you can have fewer complications when using your bathroom shower mirror.

Are There Shower Mirrors With Lights?

Adding a LED shower mirror to your bathroom can help increase your home’s value and upgrade your bathroom design. They offer the chance of giving your shower a chic-modern style, and they also help you have more visibility when using it.

If you’re planning to sell your home in the future and looking to remodel your bathroom, adding a shower mirror with lights may benefit you in helping you gain more profit out of the house. 

It doesn’t only add value to a house that’s about to be sold, but it can also provide a pleasing aesthetical look to your bathroom.

So, if you’re the type of person that cares about this, you should totally go for it.

Are Shower Mirrors Safe?

Shower mirrors should be designed to be compliant with the general building codes that apply to your city or county. By complying with these terms, their manufacturers ensure that shower mirrors remain safe, lessening the possibility of a future hazard.

For a shower mirror to be considered safe, they have to be laminated or tempered. This is so that, if the mirror falls and breaks, the glass only disperses into tiny pieces.

Therefore, there is no risk of suffering a major injury from a big piece of glass.

To make sure that your mirror complies with these standards, make sure to check its manufacturing label. The label will be able to tell you everything you need to know.

What Are Shower Mirrors Made Of?

Mirrors have a long and extensive history. In ancient times, people used mirrors made out of exotic materials, like obsidian stone. They weren’t as clear as the ones we use today, but as time flew by, mirrors evolved and increased their quality.

Most mirrors today are made with glass. And, to be able to function the way we know they can, they have to undergo a coating process.

Usually, this coating process is made with silver, gold, or chrome. This is what allows it to show our reflection.

How to Install a Shower Mirror

Now that you know the most important things about shower mirrors, you need to understand how to properly install them.

Where Should a Mirror Be Placed in a Shower?

Shower mirrors are frequently leaning on or mounted on the wall. However, the position they must occupy should provide access to all the members of your family. They must also be installed following your local building codes.

But also, don’t place your shower mirror on any wall. It’s not recommended that you install them straight under the shower. Otherwise, it won’t provide the accessibility and ease you’re looking for.

Make sure to think about how many times they’ll be used and how comfortable they’ll be in your home.

And, make sure that the height of your mirror matches the height of the people living in your household.

Can You Put a Shower Mirror on Glass Shower Doors?

It’s possible to install a shower mirror on a glass shower door, but it’s recommended to ensure that the installation method they require is done correctly. To avoid mishaps, ensure sure that your mirror is fitted safely.

It’s not hard to install a shower mirror. The shower mirrors that you can put on a glass shower door often come with a hook or a removable suction cup. Many fogless shower mirrors come with these options, so you won’t struggle much with finding one. 

How Do You Hang a Mirror in a Shower?

To be able to hang a mirror inside your shower space, you must buy a hook and install it. Hooks come with adhesives that you need to attach to a clean wall, and you have to let them sit for at least one day to ensure that your shower mirror doesn’t fall off.

Once you get the hook, determine the space where you want to put your mirror. Clean it well, and make sure it’s dry so that the adhesive can stick better.

Place the hook in that space, and press it down for at least 10 minutes. 

After doing the abovementioned steps, make sure to leave it there for 24 hours. Don’t touch it, and don’t let anything stump it.

Then, safely hang your mirror so that it’s ready for regular use.

How Do You Install a Mirror on a Shower Wall?

Installing a mirror on a shower wall is not a complicated task, and there are many ways to do it. These methods include using adhesives, suction cups, or installing a shelf on your shower wall so that your mirror can have better support.

What you need to keep in mind when installing a mirror on a shower is to secure the adhesives correctly to the wall. Otherwise, there’s a chance that your mirror falls to the ground.

Suction cups that are used to install mirrors also come with these adhesives.

So, you’ve got to make sure to install them on a dry wall, with no moisture or water on the way, lest your suction cup might not resist the weight of the mirror.

Moreover, you can also put adhesives directly onto the back of the mirror to install them on your shower wall.

And, the same rules as above apply: make sure the walls are dry before putting anything to install your mirror to prevent it from falling.

How Do You Attach a Mirror to Bathroom Tile?

Attach a mirror to a bathroom tile by using a suction cup to install your mirror. They are the safest option that you can use on a bathroom tile. And, they’re also easy to remove, so the durability of your shower wall tiles won’t be at risk. 

Put each suction cup to the back of the mirror and make sure they are properly attached but don’t put the mirror on the wall just yet.

Pressure them for a generous amount of minutes to ensure that they are attached firmly.

After doing that, you are safe to put the mirror on your shower wall without further complications.

Make sure to take care of your mirror meticulously so that you can avoid accidents and injuries.

How Do You Anti-Fog a Shower Mirror?

To anti-fog a shower mirror, use an anti-fogging coating spray. If you don’t have access to one, you can also search for homemade remedies that have strong effectiveness. Moreover, there are other things you can do to prevent your mirrors from fogging.

Anti-fogging coating sprays can be found anywhere online or at your local home improvement store. And, there are other options that you can use to anti-fog your mirror, even though they’re only temporary.

For example, you can use shaving cream to “clean” your mirror. Use an old cloth rag to do it, and make sure to spread it around your mirror in a circular motion.

And, make sure to get every spot of your mirror.

Or, you can do the same thing with toothpaste, laundry detergent, or regular soap (liquid or bar).

Even though they don’t last as long as an antifogging spray, they’ve proven to be effective short-term.

Furthermore, there are many things you can do to prevent fogging your mirrors. You can avoid this issue by leaving your bathroom windows open or turning on your bathroom fan.

This keeps the room ventilated, so it becomes less likely that your mirrors fog.

How Do Fogless Mirrors Work?

Fogless mirrors are designed to prevent fog from appearing. Depending on the type of fogless mirror you have, they either come with an anti-fog coating on their own, or they allow you to pour warm water on a compartment located at the back. 

So, if you buy a fogless mirror that already includes coating, you might want to keep them fogless by using an antifog spray.

But, this isn’t necessary with reservoir fogless mirrors because you only need to open their back to put warm water in them.

Fog appears on a mirror because the heat from the environment they’re in is higher than the temperature the mirror holds itself.

Thus, these fogless mirrors work on preventing this by either protecting it or giving them the feature of adapting to that type of temperature. 

It’s no wonder why people love using them, as they resolve the problem most of us face when bathing with warm water.

Use a fogless shower mirror if you want to enjoy its constant benefits.

How Do You Non-permanently Install a Mirror Shower?

There might be cases where you need to travel somewhere to make business or visit a beloved family member. You might want to consider getting a small suction shower mirror to install it temporarily where you’re staying, and thus continue using it.

It’s not hard to install suction shower mirrors for temporary case scenarios. And, you avoid having to clean the tiles after you remove them because they are less likely to damage them.

So, a suction shower mirror is your go-to for these types of cases.

How Do You Permanently Install a Mirror Shower?

If you are looking to install a shower mirror permanently, you can either install a shelf inside your shower space to place it there or you can get a pipe-attached shower mirror. The latter involves hiring a plumber, and possibly, a contractor. 

For a pipe-attached fogless mirror, you need to hire a plumber and contractor because the installation they require is through a wall.

This type of mirror connects directly to your pipeline, specifically the water supply lines.

It’s built this way to allow the warm water to fill the back part of the fogless mirror.

So, it’s like a reservoir mirror in that sense, only that its installation combines with the structure of your wall. Note that doing this may require you a permit.

Related Questions

How High Should a Mirror Be Hung in a Bathroom?

A bathroom mirror should be high enough to avoid stumbling with elements within a bathroom, but also low enough so that people can see themselves. In essence, the heigh will depend mostly on the average heigh size of your household.

The standard requirement for the heigh of a mirror is that it should be 60 to 60 inches from the floor.

That is so that it doesn’t make contact with any furniture, in this case, a vanity. Also, they require a gap to avoid it from breaking easily. 

Can Any Mirror Be Hung in a Bathroom?

Not all the mirrors should be placed in a bathroom. Certain cities or counties specify a specific standard that bathroom mirrors should be compliant with. Not making sure that they follow those guidelines can be detrimental to the safety of your household.

For example, you can’t just buy a vanity mirror and put it in your shower. Chances are that the glass that it uses is not tempered or laminated.

This violates most building codes, and hence it should be avoided.

Final Thoughts

Having a shower mirror in your bathroom can help you reduce the time that you take on getting ready for work. And, you can put them in a position where you can have better accessibility and visibility.

Furthermore, there are different types of shower mirrors: fogless shower mirrors, pipe-attached shower mirrors, and reservoir shower mirrors. Each one has unique features that serve different needs. 

Make sure to install bathroom mirrors that comply with the standard requirement of the building codes of your city, country, or state.

Not doing so will not only be unsafe, but it might cause your mirror to become a hazard for you and your loved ones.

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