Can You Replace a Toilet Tank? (Using This Trick Works)

Can You Replace Just the Tank of a Toilet

So, your toilet tank cracked, and now you don’t know whether to get a whole new toilet or if it’s possible to replace just the tank. It’s hard to make a decision when there’s very little information out there. So, can you replace just the tank of a toilet?

Whether or not you can replace just your toilet tank depends on the type of toilet you have as well as the type of flushing mechanism it uses. You must also consider your budget, your tank model, and your tank brand to buy the correct replacement.

The tank is the most essential part of any toilet because it’s what contains the water that the toilet uses to flush. Of course, if this doesn’t work, you won’t have a functioning toilet! 

Luckily, in this article, we will disclose whether or not you can just replace the toilet tank, or if you can simply fix it.

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If you need to replace your toilet tank or your toilet in its whole, you have to consider the type of toilet that you have and the type of flushing mechanism that it uses.

You must also consider your budget, your tank model, and your tank brand to buy the correct replacement.

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What To Know Before Replacing A Toilet Tank

Before you consider replacing the tank, or the toilet, you must know a few things that can help you make the right choice. 

Can I Buy Just a Toilet Tank?

It’s possible to replace only the toilet tank but to do so, you have to look out for the type of manufacturer, brand, model, and toilet type that you have in your household. It’s highly recommended to use the same brand whenever you replace any toilet part.

One thing that can help you is knowing if your toilet is one-piece or two-piece. One-piece toilets can’t be separated, while two-piece toilets can.

You can replace just the tank of a two-piece toilet, but if you have a one-piece toilet, then you must buy and replace the whole thing.

You don’t even need to call a plumber to buy a toilet tank. However, not knowing the correct information before making a purchase can make you waste time, effort, and money.

You must know your toilet’s details before making any decision.

Can I Replace a Toilet Tank With a Different Brand?

Many brands offer a variety of options when it comes to toilet tanks, but it’s highly recommended that you keep using the brand that you have to avoid complications with the functionality of your toilet.

Many people have made the mistake of buying a different toilet tank without considering the model or material that they’re currently using.

It’s best to avoid this by making sure that you know exactly what your toilet needs, lest it doesn’t work. 

Are Tanks on Toilets Interchangeable?

Many stores and brands offer toilet tanks that you could interchange, yet it’s not encouraged to do so in an unconscious way. If you use a toilet tank that doesn’t match your toilet type,  you risk that your toilet stops working the way it’s supposed to.

Multiple brands offer different sizes, measurements, materials, and colors.

Interchanging any toilet part, whether it be a toilet tank or bowl, without considering these factors can be detrimental to the way that your bathroom looks and functions, while also affecting your wallet.

If you interchange toilet tanks, you risk having your toilet leaking or malfunctioning entirely, to the point that it won’t even flush.

This is not good for you because you’d cease to have a good toilet, and you’d need to replace it again, resulting in further expenses.

Are All Toilet Tanks Compatible?

Whether your toilet tank is compatible with your toilet or not, it all depends on the brand, model, and materials that were used to manufacture it. Yet, it’s important to know the type of flushing system that your toilet has to make a better decision.

To make sure that your tank is compatible, it’s best if you measure your toilet, and check the brand and the number located either on the lid of the tank or inside the tank.

This number will reveal your toilet model, hence allowing you to choose the correct tank replacement.

You should also determine what type of flushing system your toilet has to choose the proper tank. There are three major flushing systems in each toilet: gravity, dual flush, and pressure-assisted.

Knowing which one applies to you will help you make the right choice.

It’s common to find gravity flushing systems in most American homes, while a dual flush system is a more recent flushing system.

However, pressure-assisted toilets are usually found in public bathrooms, so their popularity is usually in the industrial sector.

Are Kohler Tanks Universal?

Kohler tanks are not necessarily universal since Kohler has upgraded and changed their models so that they work more efficiently. With newer technologies, likely, newer models don’t match most toilets, making it less likely for their tanks to be universal.

Even though there might be certain models that offer universal options, it’s still unlikely that these are common. Kohler keeps improving their toilets with each new launch.

The more improvements they make, the less likely it is that you’ll find a universal option.

If you have this model in your home, you might want to check the toilet type that you have, and if it’s a two-piece toilet or a one-piece toilet.

Knowing this helps you decide whether or not you need to replace just the tank of your toilet or your toilet as a whole.

Is There a Universal Toilet Tank Replacement?

There are existing brands that offer universal toilet tank replacements, but there are not many. Because toilets and their technologies have improved over time, it’s more likely that these newer and improved models won’t match your current toilet. 

It can be a very uncomfortable experience if you buy a universal toilet tank, only to later find out that your toilet is leaking or if it’s simply not flushing.

To avoid this, you should consult your manufacturer for a better opinion on what to do regarding your tank or toilet.

Are American Standard Toilet Tanks Interchangeable?

It’s very unlikely that your American standard toilet tank is interchangeable, mostly because of how quickly toilet brands keep renewing their systems and flushing technologies.

Many factors will determine whether or not your toilet tank is interchangeable. Some models could be interchangeable, but there are just a few.

Not all toilet tank models can fit your toilet, which is why it’s better to determine your toilet type before making any decision.

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Can You Mix and Match Toilet Tanks?

Many of us would think that mixing and matching our toilet tanks can be effective, but this is far from the truth. The reality is that when you mix and match your toilet tank, you risk having a leak in your toilet or a lack of flushing.

It’s better to not risk it and to do the appropriate investigations before tampering with the toilet tank, or any toilet part that might need fixing.

Without the appropriate measurements, steps, and information, many things could go down the wrong way.

Are Toilet Tanks a Standard Size?

Even though most toilet brands vary in material, size, and color, there is a standard toilet size that all Americans must be compliant with. The US Congress mandated that the average toilet tank size should flush 1.6 gallons of water. 

The abovementioned issue was made for water preservation purposes in 1992. If people refuse to be compliant with these standards, they risk being sanctioned heavily by the justice system.

So, it’s better to make sure to investigate these matters before buying a toilet tank. 

Are Toilet Tank Bolts Universal?

Just how many brands sell multiple toilet types and tanks, so too, toilet tank bolts will vary depending on toilet model and tank. Yet, the most common measurement for the average tank bolt is around ¼ inch and ⅚ inch in diameter.

If you are considering buying tank bolts to fix or replace your tank, it’s better that you buy ones that match your toilet tank and size.

Not doing so can be inconvenient for you because these are essential to keep your toilet tank in place. 

How To Replace a Toilet Tank

Now that you have an idea about what to consider before replacing your tank or toilet, let’s dig into what causes a tank to crack and what can you do to replace it. 

What Causes a Toilet Tank to Crack?

Many things can cause your toilet tank to crack. Common signs that you need to look out for are the age of the tank, the type of material that it was made with, and if there have been any accidents or casualties while using the bathroom.

The most common causes that can provoke your tank to crack are temperature change, any accident that someone might have had while using the toilet, manufacturer defects, or any repairs that were done before.

The tank of a toilet is very sensitive to impacts and many changes that occur around its environment.

If something heavy enough falls on top of the toilet tank, it could easily crack. Therefore, it’s best to care for it appropriately.

How Do You Fix a Broken Toilet Tank?

There are two things that you can do to repair a broken toilet tank: fix or replace it. To fix it, you must apply silicone plumbing epoxy to the cracked area. To replace it, you have to buy a new toilet tank, and manage to remove it delicately to avoid further damage.

If your toilet is cracked, you might want to buy a silicone plumbing epoxy to close the cracked area. This is a solution that most plumbers recommend.

Of course, if your toilet tank has critical damage and can’t be fixed, it’s better to replace it entirely.

How Do You Replace a Toilet Tank?

Once you buy a new toilet tank, you should take the appropriate precautions to replace the old one with the new one. You must proceed by removing the old tank, and then make way for the new one. You must be careful in every step of this process.

To replace a toilet tank, you should have already bought the new toilet tank that will substitute the old one.

You should start by removing it with extreme care so that your bathroom doesn’t suffer any damage. Then, you should put the new tank in, the same way it got out.

The tools you will need:

These will be useful for removing the old tank and proceeding to install the new one. 

How Do You Remove a Toilet Tank?

There are multiple and specific steps that you should take to remove a toilet tank, and all of them should be handled with extreme precaution. Removing the tank from your toilet is the first step to replacing your toilet tank.

Follow these steps to remove a toilet tank:

  1. Shut off the water supply
  2. Drain the water from inside the tank
  3. Disconnect the supply hose
  4. Extract the bolts from the toilet tank
  5. Detach the tank from the toilet bowl

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Toilet Tank?

To replace a toilet tank, you should expect to spend around $400 USD. This accounts for the costs of a tank and the installation. To cut costs, you can attempt to install the tank yourself. 

Usually, buying a new toilet tank can cost from 50$ to 100$, without installation included. If you hire professional plumbing services, you can expect to spend around 45$ to 300$.

If we sum it up, considering the most expensive value, the total cost would be 400$.

Keep in mind that these prices may vary from country to country, from town to town, and from state to state.

The appropriate thing that you can do is to research the best offers in your area that match your current flow of income.

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How Do I Measure for a Replacement Toilet Tank?

To measure your toilet tank appropriately, you need to use a measuring tape. You need to measure your tank in three different ways to get the accurate size of it. This can facilitate the purchase and replacing process.

Use the measuring tape to measure the length from the bottom of the tank to the lid of the tank. After, use the same tape to measure the distance from the front lid, to the back of it.

Finally, measure from the left side to the right side of the toilet tank. 

Make sure to write these measurements down to avoid having to repeat the process.

As you can see, measuring the tank is crucial to picking the correct tank for your toilet type and avoiding further complications.

How Do I Choose the Right Toilet Tank?

If you want to choose the right toilet tank, you have to make sure to know the brand and model of your toilet. The best way to find your toilet type is to find the serial number that the manufacturer assigned to your toilet because it can help you find the correct tank.

You can check the lid of your tank to see the number, or inside the tank. If you want to check which is your toilet brand, check the back of the toilet bowl.

Having this information at hand can help you choose the right toilet tank without needing to undergo more difficulties.

If your toilet is an older model, you can still replace the tank, since most toilet companies still think about these when manufacturing their tanks.

You don’t have to worry about not finding the right tank for your toilet. You can search for one confidently.

Are There Toilet Tank Replacement Kits?

Many brands offer tools that can help you replace your toilet tank. Most of these tools are inside a tank replacement kit. They offer different sizes to the tools they offer, so it’s best to check these out to find the correct toilet tank kit.

It’s not unusual to hear about toilet tank replacement or fixing kits. Most of them include all the parts you need to fix your tank or just one part inside your tank.

If you want to know more about toilet tank replacement kits, the best you can do is to consult a plumber.

Warning: Be careful with buying just any toilet tank replacement kit. Some brands offer lower quality, or they may contain toilet tank bolts that won’t necessarily fit your toilet tank. It’s best that you investigate first before purchasing.

How Do You Know What Size Toilet Tank to Buy?

The best way to know the size of a toilet tank to buy is to measure your current tank. However, you must do this while keeping in mind the mandate from US Congress in 1992. Each tank should flush up to 1.6 gallons of water, no more and no less.

If you want to learn more about what size your toilet tank needs to be, it’s preferable that you call someone that is a professional on the subject.

You can check out if the store or manufacturer of your current toilet has information on the matter.

How Big Are Toilet Tanks?

Toilet Tanks tend to have a standardized size within each home. They should be big enough to hold and flush the number of gallons of water mandated by the U.S. government. The size of the toilet and the size of the tank should be proportional.

Most toilet tanks are 16 to 18 inches in size, while the average toilet size is 27-30 inches.

It’s ideal to keep this in mind when deciding to buy a new tank or a new toilet, especially if you only have a one-piece toilet whose tank malfunctioned.

How Deep Is a Toilet Tank?

Knowing the depth of a toilet tank is important to be compliant with the US Congress mandate of 1992. Every single toilet tank should only flush 1.6 gallons of water. Otherwise, one might be liable for sanctions from the government.

All toilet tanks should be deep enough to be compliant with the abovementioned mandate. Specifically, they should be an average of 16 ¾ inches to 18 inches deep.

So, it’s most likely that the tank that you buy might have these measurements.

How Do You Install a Toilet Tank?

Installing a toilet tank is pretty straightforward, but one person can’t do it alone. Since the tank is very heavy, it’s best to be accompanied when attempting to install a new toilet tank. You must conduct a series of steps, carefully, to be able to do this.

The first step should be always to have the tank replacement that you bought, according to your toilet type.

The tank size should match toilet gaskets, to avoid gaps. You should push the tank-to-bowl gasket onto the bottom of the tank. Ensure the tank is close to your bathroom wall.

Later, you have to slide the rubber washer onto each tank bolt.

Keep in mind that this can vary for many brands, so it’s best that you check your user manual or that you keep in touch with your toilet’s manufacturer for more information.

After the abovementioned steps, you should place the tank on top of the bowl in a way that you make sure that the holes line up with one another.

Then, feed bolts inside the tank and tighten the nuts, being wary of over-tightening them. 

You should then proceed to fill your tank, and later test if everything is working well.

The reason why overtightening can be a problem is that this pressure can actually cause your tank to crack, so it’s best to be extremely careful about this.

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Should There Be a Gap Between the Toilet Tank and Bowl?

Having gaps between the toilet tank and the bowl can be uncomfortable, especially if it keeps rocking back and forth. In such cases, one must look to tighten the bolts further, or simply change the tools that are being used for better quality.

In other instances, it’s inevitable that your toilet has a gap between its tank and its bowl. This is due to manufacturer designs or any other defect that it may have.

If it doesn’t rock back and forth, and it still has a gap, then the bolts are tight enough and they can work.

There are many things you can do to fill in the gap. One of them constitutes buying plastic shims to do so.

They can be very helpful, especially when you have the risk of not having a steady tank, which can actually provoke it to leak or break.

In short, the gap between a toilet and the tank bowl sometimes isn’t convenient, but in other cases, there’s not much that you can do, other than simply put up with what you have and find a solution that’s right for you. 

Related Questions

How Do I Fix a Cracked Toilet Seat?

A toilet seat can crack after wearing out, receiving too much pressure, or if people in a household overused it. Even though it’s repairable, this fix won’t last long and in the end, it’s better to replace the entire toilet seat. 

For example, you can use a specialized tape called polyurethane tape, which is clear and can be beneficial because it provides better support than regular duck tape.

It’s better to do it in the right way, otherwise, it might leave a gap in your toilet seat and it will not do its job.

Another way you can fix it is by gluing it, using a two-part epoxy. To do it properly, it’s convenient to remove the toilet seat from the toilet and clamp both cracks once the glue is set in.

This way, you can have a guarantee that your toilet seat will perform better.

Yet, even though glue can be convenient (but not long-lasting), you can use a ⅛ inch of plywood and glue it to the underside of the toilet seat, to make sure that the toilet seat won’t crack again.

At least, until you afford to replace it.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the tank type that your toilet needs is highly beneficial because it can help you make the correct decision when replacing your toilet tank.

It’s important to avoid interchanging toilet tanks between different brands because then they might not work properly.

In any case, the information that you need could be in the hands of a professional plumber that can explain better to you what your toilet needs.

Many brands and manufacturers may provide various solutions to your toilet, but it’s best if you stick to your original brand.

When fixing or replacing your toilet tank, it’s best to be very careful about the steps that you make. The tank is very sensitive to strong impact, so anything could break it.

Having this in mind can help you fix it efficiently, and error-free.

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