Do Dishwasher Tablets Clean Toilets? (Does This Trick Work?)

Do Dishwasher Tablets Clean Toilets

If you’ve got a dirty toilet and no time to scrub it clean, dishwasher tablets might seem like a quick and easy solution. While these miracle tablets seem to work wonders on dishes and silverware, can they really be used to clean toilets?

Dishwasher tablets are effective at cleaning toilets. They contain powerful detergents that can remove dirt and grime from the toilet bowl. Dishwasher tablets also help to disinfect the toilet and kill any harmful bacteria. Once the tablet dissolves, use a scrubber to remove any stubborn stains.

In this article, we’ll discuss two different ways to use a dishwasher tablet to clean your toilet, sink, bath, and many other places you never thought about! Dishwasher tablets are incredibly versatile little products, and we can’t wait to tell you all about them!

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

You can clean your hard water (or limescale) stains with a dishwasher tablet, although other products can also do the job and might be a little more budget-friendly. Here are our top picks.

Our favorite cleaning products from Amazon:

1. Dishwasher tablets – Versatile cleaning products that you can use in many situations.

2. Lysol – Cheaper alternative, also effective in cleaning your toilet bowl.

3. SpongesIdeal for scrubbing hard water stains.

Make dishwasher tablets work for you

Dishwasher tablets are designed to tackle grease and hard water stains. Since our toilet bowls also house hard water and leave tough stains, it just makes sense that dishwasher tablets would work to clean the toilet. 

Why Put a Dishwasher Tablet on Your Toilet?

It might be a nightmare if you have stubborn hard water stains on your toilet bowl. However, you can throw a dishwasher tablet into your bowl and let it sit for a few minutes to scrub away your stains easily!

Dishwasher tablets are designed to break down grease and get rid of stains.

It is a very versatile cleaning product and also particularly handy for dissolving hard water (or limescale) stains in your bathroom. 

Why Put a Dishwasher Tablet in a Toilet at Night?

Just like in a dishwasher, the tablet should have time to dissolve in the water in your toilet bowl. So it’s a good idea to throw in a tablet before you go to sleep and scrub your toilet the next morning. 

If you do not have significantly persistent stains, leaving the tablet for the whole night is unnecessary.

The dishwasher tablet will dissolve sufficiently in 10 – 20 minutes, although there is no harm in leaving the tablet in the toilet overnight.

Why Put a Dishwasher Tablet in the Toilet Bowl?

Dishwasher tablets are designed to break down dirt and remove any grease or limescale. That’s why it is a very effective product for cleaning your toilet bowl, especially since limescale tends to build up in the toilet bowl. 

Alternatively, you could only wet one corner of the dishwasher tablet and use it as a sponge to scrub at the stains in your toilet bowl.

You should start to see the stains in your toilet bowl disappear.

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Will a Dishwasher Tablet in the Toilet Get Rid of Limescale?

Dishwasher tablets are great cleaning solutions for removing limescale stains. Unfortunately, limescale is prevalent in our bathrooms, around our taps, in our toilet bowls, or basically, any area that comes in contact with a lot of hard water. 

Limescale is formed when hard water evaporates, and calcium combines with magnesium.

Usually, it can be spotted as a chalky deposit that builds up in your toilet bowl or any surface that is regularly in contact with warm water (taps, kettle, pipes, etc.)  

Can You Put Dishwasher Tablets in Your Toilet at Night?

You absolutely can put a dishwasher tablet in your toilet to dissolve at night and scrub your toilet the following morning. These products are great for removing limescale stains in your toilet bowl.

Dishwasher tablets will not damage your toilet or clog your pipes as it is designed to dissolve in water.

You can also use dishwasher tablets to clean the rest of your bathroom by dissolving them in hot water or using it with a sponge and scrubbing the surfaces. 

Why Should You Put Dawn Tablets in Your Toilet at Night?

If you are struggling to clean stubborn stains in your toilet bowl or if you simply want to speed up your cleaning routine, throwing a Dawn dishwasher tablet into your toilet really helps to break down all the stains that you have to scrub.

It also does not damage your toilet bowl or pipes if left in your toilet overnight.

You can even use dishwasher tablets to clean the rest of your bathroom, including your shower, bath, floor, and tiles.                                                                                                                                                                            

Is It Safe to Put Dishwasher Tablets in My Toilet?

It is completely safe to put a dishwasher tablet into your toilet – especially to clean that persistent ring stain where the water level is. This is called a hard water (or limescale) stain. It will not clog your toilet.

Dishwasher tablets are designed to dissolve these hard water stains on your plates and cutlery. Thus they are very effective in removing the stains in your toilet bowl.

You could also use the tablet as a sponge and scrub over the stains.

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Unclogging Your Toilet

Although they are great for cleaning, dishwasher tablets are not that effective for unclogging your toilet. They might help, but sometimes they won’t be enough.

So let’s dive into some other methods to unclog your toilet.

Do Dishwasher Tablets Unclog Toilets?

Surprisingly, sometimes dishwasher tablets actually help to unclog your toilet. Although, it depends on what is clogging your toilet. In some situations, you might need to get the plunger.

Throw one or two dishwasher tablets and one cup of white vinegar into your toilet bowl and let it dissolve for 30 minutes. Then pour boiling water slowly into your toilet.

The heat also helps to break down anything that might clog your toilet.

You can repeat these steps once more, but if after that your toilet is still clogged, you should get a plunger or contact a plumber to come and fix the issue for you.

Can I Get Rid of a Clog Using Dishwasher Tablets?

If you don’t have access to a plunger, hot water, and dishwasher tablets/soap might just do the trick! Unfortunately, however,  it is not effective in every case, and sometimes you’ll need that plunger.

This hack is especially helpful if you’re at a friend’s and are too embarrassed to ask for their plunger.

Instead, simply look under their sink for their dishwasher tablets or any cleaning detergent that would suffice in a pinch. 

Do Dishwasher Tablets Clean Toilets?

Dishwasher tablets are excellent products to clean your toilet and almost any other surface in your bathroom. This product is designed to clean greasy messes in your dishwasher, therefore making it a great cleaning product to use on hard water stains.

These tablets could be used in two ways to clean stains in your toilet.

The first method is to leave a dishwasher tablet to dissolve in your toilet for 30 minutes and then scrub at the stains with a toilet brush. If this does not work for you, try the second method. 

The second method is to dip one corner of the tablet in water and use the tablet as a sponge to scrub at the stains in your toilet. Don’t fret.

The tablet should not scratch your toilet, and usually, this method is more effective in removing tough stains.

Can I Put a Dishwasher Tablet in a Plughole?

Putting a dishwasher tablet in a plughole is a hack trending all over social media, and it can actually work. You can place a dishwasher tablet over your plughole and pour boiling water from the kettle over it.

The tablet will dissolve while the hot water breaks down the grime and grease that is stuck in your drain. The soap leaves you with a sparkling clean drain, and as an added bonus, it smells fresh! 

Just be very careful pouring the boiling water into your drain!

Can I Use Dishwasher Tablets to Clean My Toilet?

You undoubtedly can use dishwasher tablets to clean the toilet bowl as well as the outsides. It is easy to use the tablet as a sponge and scrub at any stains in or on your toilet. 

Although it is not the cheapest cleaning method, if you have a tight budget, we would recommend simply using Lysol to clean the stains in your toilet bowl (or on the outside of your toilet).

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All the Dishwasher Tablet Hacks

Now you understand why dishwasher tablets are so versatile and how to use them to clean your toilet.

Next, let’s discuss some other hacks that include using a dishwasher tablet to clean various appliances and furniture around your house. 

Dishwasher Tablet Cleaning Hacks?

Dishwasher tablets are extremely versatile and have a lot of potential to clean various objects. Besides cleaning your dishes, they can clean your toilet, your washing machine, and many more!

Cleaning Hacks with Dishwasher Tablets:

  • Cleaning hard water and limescale stains in your toilet bowl.
  • Cleaning and deodorizing your washing machine. Run a hot water cycle with two dishwasher tablets.
  • Staying with the washing machine, when you’re washing your whites (towels, sheets, or clothes), add a dishwasher tablet to brighten up the whites!
  • Cleaning your oven door, especially when it’s covered with grime. Fill a spray bottle with water, spray over the oven door and scrub the tablet directly on the glass door (it won’t scratch).
  • Dissolving burned pots and pans, simply add water and a dishwasher tablet, bring the water to a boil, and let it simmer on the stove for 10 minutes.

How Do You Dissolve a Dishwasher Tablet?

To dissolve a dishwasher tablet, simply place it in a bowl and add boiling water. Mix the water with a spoon, and the tablet should dissolve quickly. You might see a plastic coat over the tablet that also will dissolve.

Dishwasher tablets usually don’t dissolve under 120°F or 48°C. So it’s best to use boiling water when cleaning anything with a dishwasher tablet and use the hot water cycle in your dishwasher.

Why Does the Tablet in a Dishwasher Not Dissolve?

There could be several reasons why the dishwasher tablet does not dissolve in the dishwasher. The most common cause is the dispenser door malfunctioning and not opening completely.

This usually happens when an object like a plate is blocking the dispenser. Make sure that the dispenser will be able to open before pressing START.

Another reason could be that your water is not hot enough, as it needs to be at least 120°F.

Are There Any Good Dishwasher Tablet Cleaning Hacks?

Dishwasher tablets are known to be versatile and the jack of all cleaning jobs. The most popular hack is using a dishwasher tablet to clean any hard water stains in your toilet bowl, around your taps, or even in your kettle.

You can also use it to clean and deodorize your washing machine.

Simply throw two dishwasher tablets on a hot cycle in your washing machine, or use them with your whitewashing items to brighten up the whites.

Where Should I Use Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets?

The best way to use your dishwashing tablets is the appliance that they are designed for, your dishwasher. We have mentioned other appliances and surfaces that you could clean with these tablets above.

Besides the dishwasher, you could use your dishwasher tablets to clean limescale stains on your toilet and bathroom.

Another option is to use a tablet to dissolve any crust on burned pots and pans.  

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Related Questions         

Why Put a Dishwasher Tablet in Your Oven?

You can use a dishwasher tablet to clean the baked grime off your glass oven door. It’s easier than you think, and surprising how effectively your dishwasher tablet cleans your oven door.

Pour hot water into a bowl and dip your tablet in the water. Then hold the tablet between your fingers like a sponge and scrub it over your oven door.

Continue dipping in water and scrubbing until your oven door is clean, then wipe off any excess grime with a paper towel.

Can I Put a Dishwasher Tablet in the Washing Machine?

Bacteria and mold can grow in your washing machine, especially if it’s not cleaned often. If you start to notice a strange smell coming from your washing machine, you can put a dishwasher tablet in your washing machine to clean and deodorize it.

Simply throw one or two tablets into your washing machine and run a hot water cycle.

Coldwater might not effectively dissolve the tablets, so be sure to select the hot water cycle and wait for a clean and fresh washing machine!

How Do I Whiten My Toilet Naturally?

It is possible to whiten your toilet without bleach or other chemicals, but first, you should make sure that your toilet is clean and stain-free. Do this by sprinkling baking soda into your toilet bowl, overall the stains, and spray with vinegar over the baking soda.

This will cause a fizzing reaction, scrub over any stains and dirt in your toilet bowl and flush the toilet. Then to whiten your toilet, combine two parts borax with one part lemon juice and form a paste.

Smear this paste over any remaining stains and yellow areas on your toilet.

Leave the paste to soak in for two to three hours and scrub over it thoroughly. Wipe away any residue with a cloth and flush your toilet.

You should see a sparkling clean and fresh-smelling toilet. You can also use this trick on your bathtub!

Final Thoughts

There you have it, all the not-so-dirty little secrets about using a dishwasher tablet to clean your toilet, washing machine, oven, and pots.

We hope you found this article informative and that you’re ready for a sparkling toilet!

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