Will a Toilet Unclog Itself? (Using This Trick Always Works)

Will a toilet unclog itself

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to unclog a toilet and failing. Most people’s first instinct is to reach for the plunger. However, there are instances where this may not be the best course of action. So what can you do? Will a toilet unclog itself eventually if left alone?

A clogged toilet will usually unclog itself if given enough time. Clogs caused by toilet paper are water soluble and will eventually dissolve on their own. After the clog has had some time to break down, you can try flushing the toilet again to clear the pipes of any residual debris.

Resolving a clog can sometimes be a waiting game and a very annoying process. So in this blog post, we’ll explore some other methods you can try to help unclog your toilet. We’ll also go over the tools you’ll need and when you should consider calling a professional.

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

Even though your toilet can unclog on its own if it is left alone for a while, it’s unlikely to happen most of the time. So, you may need to use homemade remedies or a simple clog drain remover to resolve the problem. 

Here are some things we think will help you the next time you need to worry about a clogged toilet:

1. Eco-Friendly Dish SoapYou’ll unclog your toilet while protecting the environment.

2. Baking SodaYou never want to run out of this amazing dissolving agent!

3. Distilled White Vinegar Get rid of the toughest clogs, fast!

To Leave It or Not To Leave It

We understand the stress you must be going through at this moment of time. Having a clogged toilet can be a huge nuisance.

Luckily, there are several ways you can get it to unclog. So, let’s find out about them below!

Will a Toilet Unclog if You Leave It Alone?

A toilet can unclog by itself if it’s left alone for a reasonable amount of time. Yet, this will depend on the cause of the clog, its size, and its severity. In contrast, severe clogs will not be able to unclog on their own, which will make you need to do it yourself.

If the things clogging your toilet are biodegradable, meaning they can disintegrate without much problem, then it’s safe to say that you can wait a while and see if the clog disappears. This is typically the case for a hair clog.

But, if it’s something hard, like plastic, or any other hard material (often non-flushable), then it’s not so.

In this case, you may need to either find a quick solution to the problem or contact a local plumber that can help you fix your toilet.

Is It Okay to Leave a Clogged Toilet Overnight?

Leaving your toilet clogged overnight may seem like a tempting idea,  but the reality is that it’s not recommended. A clogged toilet may lead to many problems, including those that may alter the overall functionality of your pipelines. 

For example, you may need to use the restroom after. But, since the toilet is clogged, you cannot do so. And, flushing it a second time without resolving the problem may lead to your toilet overflowing.

Things will become very inconvenient if this happens, especially if the clog is caused by human waste.

So overall, it’s best to look for a quick solution, like our favorite plunger, to avoid messy situations inside your bathroom. Also, if you need a quick cleaning hack, try dishwasher tablets!

Why Won’t My Toilet Unclog With a Plunger?

If your plunger isn’t helping you to unclog your toilet, there’s a chance that you may not be applying the proper force it needs to work. Moreover, you may also be holding the plunger incorrectly. Thus, there are certain instructions to follow when using a plunger. 

A plunger needs to be used following a set of instructions. If not done carefully, it will not work for clearing your toilet. So, you should know the correct way to use your plunger to get the best use. 

The steps to use the plunger properly involve:

  1. Make pressure to suction the air of the space that needs to be plunged correctly.
  2. After suctioning the air, pull and push the plunger at full force until toilet water drains.
  3. Repeat the process if needed.

And if this doesn’t work, consider that maybe the clog means something much more serious is going on. In this case, consult with a professional plumber.

They can give you better details about the problem.

Will Toilet Paper Dissolve?

Toilet paper is made with special chemicals designed to break down in the water after several minutes have passed. Nevertheless, some toilet paper types are more resistant to water than others. Therefore, it’s suggested to be cautious of them.

Toilet paper is often made with chemical pulp and other derivatives. Often, these make them degradable, making it easier for them to dissolve. 

But, in other cases, toilet paper may simply be too tough for your toilet, especially if they were made with non-disintegrating fibers.

So, if you want to avoid clogging your toilet, pick a brand that is known to dissolve easily in water.

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Will Clogged Toilet Paper Eventually Dissolve?

Toilet paper typically dissolves in water after a while, so all you need to do is to wait patiently. Then, you should be able to flush the toilet with no difficulty. So, there’s no true need to worry much about clogged toilet paper unless the toilet overflows afterward.

When you find yourself in a situation where you clog the toilet with toilet paper, wait a while before attempting to flush again.

After waiting for around 5 to 15 minutes, then flush. Your toilet should work just fine after this.

However, if you notice an overflow, stop immediately. This means that there is a bigger clogging you should worry about.

In this case, you should try to get a clog-drain remover that’s non-toxic and not harsh to your pipes to make it work again.

Will Poop Unclog Itself?

Poop is a biodegradable organic compound that can dissolve easily when exposed to water. But, it won’t be as quick as the toilet paper or any other degradable product, so it’s better to unclog it manually to avoid bad smells.

As much as we’d love the idea of not dealing with our odorful human waste, it’s best to get rid of it.

This is because poop can harbor a lot of bacteria, so leaving it to unclog on its own should be the least considered option. 

Does Poop Soften in Toilet Water?

Poop can soften in water, but its speed depends on the situation. For example, if your waste clogged your toilet badly, you can use hot water to help soften or dissolve it quicker. But, be careful not to use boiling water, as it could damage the pipes.

If you’re looking to unclog your toilet full of poop, you need to pour hot water inside the toilet bowl. It may take you a couple of times to finally disintegrate the poop, but it’s worth trying.

And, if water alone does not work, try using liquid dish soap. It’ll soften it quicker.

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Time Concerns

Even though now you know about the different things you can do to unclog a toilet, it can be awkward if it takes longer than expected. So, let’s talk about how long it will take a toilet to unclog.

How Long Does a Toilet Take To Unclog Itself?

A toilet may take up to 24 hours to unclog on its own. Yet, this can also depend on the severity of the clogging. Thus, it’s better to find a way to remove the clog without waiting for the toilet to fix itself. This lets you avoid problems that need professional plumbing.

There’s truly no need to wait for your toilet to unclog on its own. Instead, you can look for homemade remedies to help you unclog it or simply shop for a drain-clog remover that fits your toilet.

How Long Does It Take Toilet Paper to Dissolve?

Often, toilet paper dissolves within a range of 10 to 20 minutes. If it takes longer to dissolve, then this means that the clogging is severe. In this case, you must take proper action to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Toilet paper usually doesn’t take much time to dissolve inside the toilet, but there are situations where this can backfire, and you may need to find another way to unclog your toilet.

Fortunately, there are many other methods to consider when clearing your toilet’s clogging, so there’s no need to worry if waiting didn’t work.

How Do You Unblock a Badly Clogged Toilet?

The first thing you need to do is determine the cause of the clog. Sometimes it’s not obvious, but attempting to do it is helpful. After knowing the cause, then you can determine the proper course of action you must take to unblock a badly clogged toilet.

Determine who’s the culprit. Is it your waste? Is it an accumulation of an unidentifiable substance inside your toilet?

Is a children’s toy the victim of an accidental fall inside the toilet, or did you flush something marked as “flushable” that turned out to be a scam? 

Knowing these can help you determine the cause. But, if it was obvious from the beginning, you must determine the correct ways to proceed.

For example, if it’s caused by toilet paper, you can wait a while and then attempt to flush again. 

If that didn’t work, then you can resort to using a plunger. If your waste causes it, you can use hot water with a mix of dish soap and repeat the process multiple times until it drains. 

If a hard object caused the clogging, maybe you can use a snake to get it out efficiently. But if it doesn’t work, you need to wear your rubber gloves and get your hands dirty. 

As a side note, avoid using chemicals when unclogging your toilet. If something happens and it splashes on you, it can be dangerously harmful.

It’s preferable to use a non-toxic remedy if that’s what you want to attempt, so try mixing vinegar and baking soda instead.

What Liquid Can Be Used to Unclog a Toilet?

A drain clog remover is a liquid that you can use to unclog your toilet. However, it’s best only to use non-toxic and chemical-free cleaners. For these matters, it’s best if you try using a mix of dish soap and hot water.

Try to use things that won’t harm you or your loved ones. For example, mixing dish soap with water can help you unblock your toilet.

They help soften it and therefore make you able to flush it. You only need to wait around 15 minutes for it to work. If that didn’t work, you may have to resort to using a drain-clog remover.

Other Ways to Unclog a Toilet

There are multiple ways to unclog a toilet, but that won’t guarantee it happens quickly. So, are there other conventional or unconventional ways to unclog a toilet? Let’s find out below!

How Do You Unclog a Toilet?

To unclog a toilet, you can use a snake or a plunger. However, you can resort to using remedies that you can make with ingredients in your home since they’ve proven to be effective. Luckily, there are multiple ways you can unclog your toilet.

To use a plunger, simply put it in the space of the toilet’s drain. After, gently pressure it down to suctions the air within that space. Then, push and pull at full force.

Repeat as necessary until the toilet’s water drains efficiently. 

You can also use a snake to unclog your toilet. So, you want to disperse the blockage enough so that the toilet flushes again.

Using an auger isn’t too complicated, but it does require a solid knowledge of how to use it safely.

 Here are some things to keep in mind when using an auger: 

  • The toilet snake or auger comes with a sleeve that helps you manipulate it. You can push it down and up or twist it. 
  • You need to place the snake inside the toilet’s drain hole that directs to its P-trap to use it. Don’t push down the snake’s sleeve yet until you don’t get this done, lest you scratch your toilet.
  • Pushing the sleeve of the snake will release it, so after the abovementioned step, do it. Then, reach the point of the obstruction inside your toilet’s pipe.
  • After reaching the clog, you can either twist the sleeve clockwise or push it down and up to release the clog. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. 

Lastly, you can try mixing vinegar and baking soda. Doing this takes a few extra steps, but it’s worth trying. First, add one cup of baking soda to your toilet, then wait for a few minutes. 

After, proceed to add two cups of vinegar. Pour it down slowly to avoid overflowing your toilet. Let it work its magic for a few minutes, then flush.

If none of these work, it’s time to get a drain clog remover.

How Do You Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger?

If you don’t have a plunger, or if the plunger simply doesn’t work, you can try using a toilet snake or auger. First, however, you can try unclogging the toilet with dish soap and hot water. You can also use a mix of vinegar and baking soda, which will work just fine.

To use the toilet snake, you have to put the end of the snake inside the toilet. Then, push the sleeve to release it and try to reach the clog.

Twist it clockwise to remove the clog, or push it and pull it quickly. It should work within 15 minutes. 

But, to use vinegar and baking soda, simply pour a cup of baking soda inside the toilet. Later, pour two cups of vinegar delicately down the toilet.

Make sure to pour and pause, lest your toilet overflows. Then, wait at least 15 minutes and later flush.

If you want to use dish soap and hot water, simply heat the hot water to a considerate level. Don’t let it boil. While it heats, pour a considerable amount of dish soap inside the toilet.

The dish soap will sink at the bottom, and it will help soften the clog along with the water.

You may need to add hot water a couple of times for it to drain. The last option to consider is to use a clog drain remover, but with extreme precaution.

How Do You Dissolve Clogged Toilet Paper?

To dissolve clogged toilet paper, you’ll often need to wait for around 20 minutes and then flush the toilet. But, if this doesn’t work, you may need to use the plunger to help break it down enough to unblock your toilet. So, it’s not hard to do.

Toilet paper often breaks down easily inside the toilet’s water, but you can use the plunger to help release the clog in other cases.

Or, you can find a cloth hanger to break it down manually if you don’t own a toilet auger.

Will Hot Water Unclog a Toilet?

Depending on the cause of the clog, you can unblock your toilet using hot water and dish soap. The dish soap will work as a softener, while the hot water will accelerate the unclogging process. Hence, the reason why it works. 

So, you can safely say that you can use hot water to unclog your toilet. But, you may need to do it multiple times so that your toilet can drain.

And, you need to do it slowly to avoid overflowing it.

Will a Wire Hanger Unclog a Toilet?

A wire hanger can help you unclog your toilet efficiently, but you have to shape it to fit your toilet’s drain. This will work only if the clogging is not so severe. For example, it can work to release toilet paper blocking the toilet drain. 

You have to change the shape of the wire hanger to that of a line so that you can use it. Then, it’s convenient to leave the hook since it will help you trap anything fishy.

But, you have to be careful of using too much force because you may harm the inside of your toilet.

Will Toilet Bowl Cleaner Unclog a Toilet?

Your toilet bowl cleaner will work to unclog your toilet under certain conditions. This means that not all of them are efficient for clearing your toilet, so you have to check their label to be sure that they are fit for this purpose. 

To know if your toilet bowl cleaner can unclog your toilet, check the label. It should say that it’s made with a concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Otherwise, it’s not very helpful to get rid of clogs. 

However, you can consider using an enzyme cleaner if your toilet is clogged with waste. They’re very effective, and you can find them almost everywhere. 

Will Dish Soap Unclog a Toilet?

Dish soap has proven to be highly functional when removing drain clogs. They’re more effective when mixed with hot water, but they can work independently. It helps soften the clog so that you get to remove it effectively. 

You can use Dawn or Palmolive dish soap to unclog your toilet. Use them with a mix of hot water. The dish soap will go onto the end of the toilet to work as a perfect clog softener.

This is why it works best to help remove drain clogs.

How to Keep Toilet From Clogging

Preventing a clog is far more convenient than letting it happen. So, now that you know what to do if your toilet clogs, it’s time to learn about how to prevent them. Read down below!

How Do I Keep My Toilet From Clogging?

To keep your toilet from clogging, you need to learn what you can flush inside the toilet and what you can’t. Having these in mind will help you and your household avoid plumbing accidents that may be costly to your pocket. 

Here are our top three ways to avoid clogs:

  1. Use mild toilet cleaners – Using harsh chemicals to clean your toilet can deteriorate your pipes, which will not be good in the long run. 
  2. Do routine checks twice a year – Yes, you must check your toilet’s plumbing to ensure everything is in the right place. That way, you can detect problems before they happen, saving you tons of money.
  3. Distinguish between what’s flushable and what’s not – Make sure your household knows how to distinguish between the things they can flush down the toilet from the things they can’t. That way, you’ll avoid future casualties, and you can keep a toilet-safe environment.

Why Is My Toilet Clogging Repeatedly?

Your toilet could be clogged due to multiple factors. Some of them may involve a bad practice when using your toilet or that your pipes have accumulated things that may cause them to form a clog. You may need to check this out eventually. 

For example, if you threw an oil-based product down the toilet, the chances are that this oil is what’s clogging your toilet.

Doing this is a huge mistake because oily products are known to clog pipes quickly, and they’re often hard to remove. 

Other times, a toilet that clogs constantly can mean that there is a partial clog somewhere. So you might want to check that out to avoid having another clog again. 

Also, you may want to consider the low water levels of your toilet may be the culprit.

When this happens, your toilet cannot flush properly, so anything you throw in there will not go down the drain as smoothly as it should. 

How Do I Stop Poop From Clogging My Toilet?

Ironically enough, if you defecate and your toilet keeps clogging from it, there’s a chance that you may need to visit a doctor. Many conditions cause your poop to be larger or stiffer than normal, and you shouldn’t take them lightly.

To resolve this problem, experts recommend that you poop more often. This is because constipation may be the major reason your poop clogs your toilet.

Keep in mind that it’s always better to consult with your doctor before making any adjustments.

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Related Questions

Should I Flush a Clogged Toilet?

It’s not recommended to flush a toilet when it’s clogged. This is because it can create a dangerous situation for your home, and you may need to make arrangements to clean it before it gets worse. This is especially bad when your toilet water isn’t clean.

You risk overflowing your toilet if you try to flush it before unclogging it. Instead, try to unclog it by using different methods before attempting to. Otherwise, you’ll have a dirty bathroom floor.

Can Cheap Toilet Paper Block a Toilet?

Cheap toilet paper has been known for not dissolving quickly enough. Therefore, they often block a toilet. So, if you want to avoid blocking your toilet, you should get a toilet paper brand that’s different from this.

A constantly clogging toilet is a nuisance, but it worsens when it’s caused by toilet paper. So, avoid buying low-quality toilet paper.

And, make sure to consider the comfort of your household so that you can have quality and ease. 

Final Thoughts

Depending on the type of clog you have, you can either wait for several minutes for it to dissolve on its own or take action by purchasing a clog drain remover that will help you clean your toilet.

However, it is recommended that you explore options that don’t require you to use harsh chemicals since these can be harmful to you.

For example, you can use dish soap, baking soda, and vinegar to avoid using such products.

Having a clogged toilet is frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. You can unblock it with products that are often at your home.

Nobody would’ve expected that these work amazingly!

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