Why Does Toilet Paper Smell Bad? (Probably Because of This)

Why Does Toilet Paper Smell Bad?

If you’ve ever noticed that your toilet paper smells bad, you’re not alone. In fact, this is a common issue that a lot of people have. But why does toilet paper smell bad in the first place? And what can be done about it?

Toilet paper begins to develop a bad smell when it has been stored in a damp environment, where mold and bacteria often grow. The smell may also be due to the type of material that the toilet paper is made from. Recycled toilet paper, for example, contains chemicals that may produce a bad smell.

Usually, you can’t see mold until it gets really bad and, ideally, we want to prevent that from happening. In this article, we give you some tips on how to prevent mold from growing on your toilet paper. 

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

Mold prefers warm and humid areas, so if you want to ensure that your toilet paper stays fresh, you need to keep it dry and cool.

If your toilet paper has a weird smell, you can try using a hack to cover up the smell.

Our favorite products to keep your toilet paper fresh and mold-free:

1. Watertight container – Perfect to keep your toilet paper rolls moisture-free.

2. Essential oils – Helps to cover any bad smells in your bathroom.

3. Antifungal spray – Can be used every week in your bathroom to combat mold.

Stinky Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is one of our daily necessities, but has your toilet paper ever had a strange or bad smell? There is actually a reason for that smell. So, let’s explore that reason below! 

Why Does Toilet Paper Smell Bad?

Toilet paper smells bad when it has been stored in a damp environment, where mold and bacteria often grow. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s best to throw the old toilet paper out whenever it becomes moldy.

If your bathroom smells like mold and has high humidity you might notice a bad smell from your toilet paper or any other surface in your bathroom. 

You can clean your bathroom with a vinegar and water solution to combat mold, although you should throw away a moldy toilet paper roll.

Why Does My Toilet Paper Smell Like Mildew?

If you start to notice a mildew smell on your toilet paper, you should immediately check for signs of mold, especially if your toilet paper is damp. Mold spores fly around our homes and are relatively harmless – until it lands on a damp surface.

Mold likes to grow on almost any damp surface, but sometimes it takes a while for you to notice.

However, you should not use toilet paper if you notice a mildew smell or see any mold. It could irritate your skin or cause allergy-like symptoms.

Why Does My Toilet Paper Smell Weird?

A weird-smelling toilet paper can indicate that there is a presence of mold growth You might not always see the mold growing, but most people are able to smell it. It is described as a musty or stale smell.

If your toilet paper smells weird, you should replace it with a new fresh roll. You can also place a few drops of scented essential oil on the inside of the cardboard of the toilet roll.

But, do it while being careful of not getting it in the toilet paper itself. This will dissipate the weird smell.

Can Toilet Paper Have Mold?

Toilet paper is made from wood pulp, therefore, it is prone to have mold. Mold likes to grow on almost any damp surface, especially wood. It’s recommended to keep your toilet paper as dry as possible to prevent mold from growing on it. 

If you live in an area with high humidity, you should always be checking your bathroom  (and toilet paper) for signs of mold.

Mold spores can spread around your house, posing a health risk to you and your family. 

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Is Moldy Toilet Paper Safe?

Using moldy toilet paper isn’t recommended because mold can cause several health concerns, whether inhaled or if it comes in contact with your skin. So, it’s not safe to use, and you may get an allergic reaction from it. 

These responses could be sneezing, fever, runny nose, etc. Another common reaction to mold is an asthma attack, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mold spores are harmless until they start to grow on a damp surface.

Does Toilet Paper Rot?

Toilet paper can rot if it is exposed to damp conditions, and mold starts to grow. It is recommended to dispose of toilet paper when you see or smell the rot. Since toilet paper is biodegradable, you won’t need to worry about sustainability.

If you store your toilet paper in a dry environment, it can stay mold-free for years after. During the 2020 lockdown, a lot of people bought bulk toilet paper but started to see mold growth.

This was because they did not store the toilet paper properly.

Mold on Toilet Paper

You have probably seen mold growing on pipes and wood. Surprisingly, mold can grow on toilet paper too.

So, let’s discuss how to identify mold growth on your toilet paper.

What Does Toxic Mold Smell Like?

Toxic mold, also known as black mold, is described as having an earthy or musty smell. Some people even compare it to the smell of rotting vegetables. Although there is no link to a deadly disease, this mold is a risk for people with allergies or asthma.

Contrary to popular opinion, black mold does not lead to fatigue, headaches, or memory loss, which are symptoms referred to as ‘toxic mold syndrome’. 

Yet, people can show allergy-like symptoms when they inhale black mold. This mold can also be a risk for people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory complications.

What Type of Mold Grows on Toilet Paper?

Black mold, or Stachybotrys, is the type of fungus that causes mold to grow on paper and other paper products, such as toilet paper. Usually, it is seen as a dark or black color with a slimy texture.

This type of mold usually grows on surfaces with high moisture, so if you see black mold growing on a usually dry wall, it could mean that you have a pipe burst or leak.

You should treat black mold immediately, when you see it, with a vinegar and water solution.

Why Does Mold Like to Grow On Toilet Paper?

Mold likes to grow on toilet paper because the structural components of toilet paper – short cellulose fibers – feed certain types of mold.  When your toilet paper becomes damp, the mold spores are strongly attracted to the toilet paper and begin to breed. 

Mold likes to grow in areas with warm temperatures and 50% humidity or higher. Their favorite temperature to grow is between 70° and 90°F.

So, you should always keep your bathroom properly ventilated to prevent mold from growing on your toilet paper, or other surfaces.

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How Do You Get Mold Out of Toilet Paper?

To get mold out of your toilet paper, you should first move the moldy toilet paper to a dry area and allow it to completely dry out. Keep in mind that getting mold out of toilet paper can be a bit tedious because toilet paper is usually very thin.

When the mold is dried out you can use a soft brush, like a toothbrush or makeup brush, to try and brush off the mold.

Wear rubber gloves and a mask when brushing the mold to ensure that you don’t inhale the mold spores.

Since toilet paper is not an extremely expensive item, we recommend disposing of the moldy toilet paper roll and using a new fresh roll.

It is not recommended to have mold come in contact with your skin, lest you might have an allergic reaction.

How Can I Make My Toilet Paper Smell Better?

Essential oils are the perfect hack to make your toilet paper smell better. You can put a few drops of your favorite essential oil inside the cardboard roll of your toilet paper. This can make your whole bathroom smell divine.

The smell will last until you use the whole toilet roll, and it can hide most strange smells that arise from your bathroom.

There are a lot of different scents available to choose from, so you can match your bathroom with any scent you like!

How Do You Get Rid of Mildew Smell in Toilet Paper?

You can get rid of a mildew smell in toilet paper by disposing of the toilet paper roll. If you smell or see any mold growing on your toilet paper, you should avoid keeping it inside your bathroom. 

If the mildew smell is still in your bathroom, you can place a few drops of essential oil (whichever you enjoy) on the inside of your toilet cardboard roll.

The scent will last until your toilet roll is finished and it will probably cover the mildew smell.

How Should You Store Toilet Paper

The most important thing is to keep toilet paper dry. You should not store it in places that could have moisture. So, let’s look at how you can keep toilet paper moisture-free.

How Do You Keep Mold From Growing on Toilet Paper?

Mold only grows on damp or wet surfaces, like your shower curtains or even on your walls. To keep mold from growing on your toilet paper, you should make sure that the toilet paper is stored in a dry environment. 

If you accidentally spill liquid on your toilet paper you should immediately remove it from your bathroom and allow it to dry out.

If you don’t see or smell any mold spots, you can place them back in your bathroom. Just keep an eye on it for any signs of mold.

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How Do You Keep Toilet Paper From Becoming Damp?

To keep your toilet paper from becoming damp you should store it in completely moisture-free areas. Luckily, toilet paper does not become damp simply from the steam in the bathroom, however, water spills are usually the culprit.

Most people store their toilet paper under their bathroom sink. But, what if your sink leaks water?

Rather, try to store your toilet paper higher up or even outside your bathroom, like in the linen closet.

Where Is the Best Place to Store Toilet Paper?

The best place to store your toilet paper is a dry environment. This can be a cupboard inside your bathroom or outside your bathroom. Just be sure that there is no chance of water spilling onto your toilet paper.

It’s also recommended to keep the toilet paper in its original packaging as long as possible, the plastic packaging is the perfect protection against any moisture.

You also get containers to store your toilet paper rolls and fit with your bathroom interior. 

How Do You Store Toilet Paper Long-Term?

The best way to store your toilet paper for years is in a watertight container. Water can ruin your toilet paper and allow mold to grow, and the perfect way to combat that is a watertight container.

The pandemic and lockdown in 2020 saw a lot of people buying bulk toilet paper, but how do you store all that toilet paper long-term?

Other than purchasing watertight containers, you could simply keep the rolls in their original packaging, which is designed to keep the toilet rolls dry.

Should You Store Toilet Paper Under Your Sink?

Most people store their toilet paper under the sink because it’s easy to reach and out of the way. Although, it is not the safest place to store your toilet paper. Sometimes, your sink might leak or a pipe might burst, leaving your toilet paper ruined.

If you have no other space to store your toilet paper, we recommend getting a watertight container to put under your sink.

This ensures that your toilet paper is water spillproof and can last a long time.

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Related Questions

Can Mold Grow on Paper Towels?

Mold can grow on almost wet or damp surfaces, including paper towels. Mold likes to grow in damp and warm conditions. So, if you spill water on your paper towel roll, you should keep an eye out for signs of mold.

A hack to keep your paper towels mold-free is to keep them in the fridge.

Mold flourishes in warm wet conditions and fridges are exactly the opposite, so it’s the perfect place to store your paper towel roll. 

Can Mold Grow On Facial Tissues?

Mold can grow on facial tissues, especially if the tissue has moisture on it and is stored for a long time. It’s best to dispose of your tissue after use and store your facial tissues in a dry place.

If you live in a particularly humid area, we advise you to keep your tissues in a room with little moisture and to constantly check for mold.

You could also keep your tissues in the fridge to ensure that mold does not grow on the tissues.

Can Mold Grow in Your Toilet Bowl?

Mold can grow in your toilet bowl, and it happens more often than you think. Mold is more likely to grow in toilets that are not used regularly. This is because mold likes to grow in standing water.

You should clean your toilet regularly and spray anti-fungal spray across your whole bathroom at least once a week.

You can also reduce the moisture in your bathroom by leaving your windows open and running a fan while you bathe.

Final Thoughts

A toilet paper roll that smells bad or musty can make a whole bathroom feel dirty.

If you notice any smell coming from your toilet paper you should immediately suspect mold, even if you can’t see it. 

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to take extra precautions to keep your toilet rolls clean and dry.

No one wants to throw away a toilet paper roll due to mold, and now you know what you can do to prevent that from happening.  

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