Can I Use a Shower Curtain Without a Liner? (Do It This Way)

Can I Use a Shower Curtain Without a Liner

A shower curtain can change the whole look of your bathroom. It can make your bathroom feel ten times more luxurious. How important are shower liners, though? Can you use a shower curtain without a liner?

You can use a shower curtain without a liner, although this will decrease the overall lifespan of the shower curtain. This means you’ll need to replace your shower curtain sooner than expected. Liners help protect your shower curtain and keep them looking beautiful for longer.

Although some shower curtain materials are actually made to be waterproof, a liner is not always necessary.

However, other curtain materials are not waterproof or water-repellent and will need a liner. In this article, we discuss different shower curtains and how important a shower liner actually is.

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

Use a shower curtain liner, no matter what shower curtain you have. Liners help to protect your curtains, preventing mold from building and keeping your bathroom floor dry.

Here are a few of our favorite shower liners:

1. PEVA liner – Non-toxic, unlike vinyl liners, and can last a long time.

2. Fabric liner – Ideal for use with fabric curtains, gives a more luxurious feel to your bathroom.

3. Waffle weave liner – Aesthetically friendly and water-resistant.

Are Shower Liners That Important?

Shower liners help to protect your shower curtains from mold and mildew. It also keeps your floors dry. To start with, we’ll discuss why you should be using a liner in your shower.

Do You Really Need a Shower Curtain Liner?

If you are using any kind of fabric shower curtain, then you definitely need a shower curtain liner. The purpose of the liners is to prevent water from splashing out of the shower/tub, and it allows your fabric shower curtain to last longer.

If you are using a vinyl shower curtain, then it is not as necessary to use a liner as well, although it is still more beneficial for you to use a liner with any shower curtain.

PEVA shower curtain liners are a safer alternative to the more popular vinyl curtain liner.

Are Curtain Liners Necessary?

Curtain liners are necessary if you want to protect your shower curtain from as much moisture as possible. Although shower curtains are manufactured to be water repellent, they do last a lot longer if you use a shower curtain liner.

Technically, they are unnecessary if you have plastic shower curtains. Instead, you can use it on your shower curtain to block the water from your shower.

Shower curtains are typically used for decoration and or privacy, and you can use them to block the water as well.

Can You Use a Shower Curtain Without a Plastic Liner?

You can use a plastic shower curtain without a liner, although it is not recommended. Shower curtain liners are designed to block water from messing on the floor and protect your shower curtain from mold.

Fabric shower curtains do, however, require a plastic liner. Although the fabric is manufactured to be water repellent, it still should not be exposed to water splashing against the curtain multiple times a day.

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Can You Just Use a Shower Curtain?

You can just use a shower curtain without a liner. We recommend using a microfiber or polyester shower curtain, as they are safe for your house but still are waterproof. Fabric shower curtains should not be used without a liner.

If you use a shower curtain without a liner, your curtain will need to be washed more often. In addition, you should regularly check for signs of mold or mildew on your shower curtain.

Your curtain may also need to be replaced sooner.

What Do You Call a Shower Curtain That Doesn’t Need a Liner?

A waffle-weave shower curtain is a curtain that does not need a liner to block a shower’s water. The fabric is made of heavy-duty polyester fabric that is water-repellent and thus does not need a plastic liner.

The waffle shower curtain can be washed along with your laundry and can repel most of the water from your shower.

However, the manufacturers still recommend using it with a 100% water-repellent shower curtain liner.

What Is the Difference Between Shower Curtain and Liner?

A shower curtain is used for decoration and privacy. It is usually thick material and can come in a variety of colors and designs. A liner is used to block water from spilling on your bathroom floor. It’s usually a thinner material and transparent.

Manufacturers usually recommend using a liner along with your shower curtain liners to add an extra water-repellent layer.

However, shower curtains made of vinyl or polyester can be used without a liner.

What Is the Point of a Shower Curtain Liner?

A shower curtain liner helps to prevent mold from building up on your shower curtain, and it keeps the water inside your tub/shower. If your shower curtain is made of fabric material, it needs a shower liner to protect the fabric.

Some houses use only a shower curtain liner as their curtain. This is usually to save money, as liners are cheaper, or for aesthetics.

Some people like the transparent look of a shower liner in their bathroom. 

What Is the Purpose of Curtain Liners?

The purpose of a shower curtain liner is simply to protect your shower curtain from mold/mildew and to prevent water from splashing onto the floor outside of the bath/shower.

Shower curtain liners do require regular cleaning to prevent mold from building up on the liner.

We recommend washing your liners once a month or using a water and vinegar mix spray to combat any mold.

Are Shower Liners Good to Use?

Shower liners are definitely good to use. Although they are not compulsory as most shower curtains are water-resistant, using a shower liner is an extra layer of protection against mold building up on your shower curtains.

Shower curtain liners are relatively inexpensive and usually made of vinyl, although we recommend buying a PEVA shower liner.

Vinyl has been proven to release toxic air pollutants into your house.

Do PEVA Shower Curtains Need a Liner?

PEVA shower curtains do not need a shower liner. The material is waterproof, mildew-resistant, and mold-resistant. PEVA is also safer to use than PVC shower curtains. 

Although they do not need a liner, you could still use a PEVA (Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate) liner along with your PEVA shower curtain.

This extra layer will increase the lifespan of your shower curtain significantly. 

Do Microfiber Shower Curtains Need a Liner?

Typically, if you’re using a polyester or microfiber shower curtain, you do not need to use a shower liner as well. Microfiber is water-resistant and can last for quite a long time if you take care of it properly.

Microfiber shower curtains are also washer and dryer safe. They can be washed with your laundry.

You should regularly check for any mold or mildew buildup on your curtains and immediately wash them when you see mold.

Waffle Shower Curtains

Waffle-weave shower curtains have taken the bathroom world by storm, but are they really that great? What makes them so special?

What Is a Waffle Shower Curtain?

A waffle weave shower curtain is often referred to as one of the best and most affordable shower curtains on the market. The waffle shower curtain is made from heavy-duty premium polyester or cotton.

These shower curtains are regarded as the best option to only use a shower curtain while still being aesthetically pleasing for your bathroom. 

The AmazerBath waffle shower curtain on Amazon also comes with rust-resistant grommets.

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What Is the Best Waffle Shower Curtain?

There are plenty of waffle weave shower curtains available in different colors and materials. We recommend the mDesign Fabric waffle weave shower curtain. The material is a mix between cotton and polyester.

The mDesign waffle curtain is also available in a wide variety of colors to match the design of your bathroom.

An important note is that this shower curtain is not waterproof, so it’s absolutely necessary to use a shower liner to prevent mold and your curtain from getting water damaged.

Is a Waffle Shower Curtain Waterproof?

Waffle shower curtains are usually not 100% waterproof. Most times, they are made from water-repellent polyester. So it is completely possible to use your waffle shower curtain without a shower liner.

Some waffle-weave shower curtains are made of cotton or a cotton blend. These curtains are usually a lot less water repellent, although they still are to some degree.

However, cotton is typically not considered a waterproof material either, so it’s advised to use a liner if your curtain is made of cotton or a cotton blend.

Maintenance of Your Liners

Almost all shower curtains need a shower liner, and they also need to be washed. Unfortunately, mold can grow on shower liners as well.

What Kind of Shower Curtain Does Not Need a Liner?

Shower curtains made of polyester do not need a liner to keep your bathroom floor dry, and they are machine washable! As a result, polyester curtains are popular and not that expensive to buy.

waffle-weave shower curtain is also said to work without a liner, as some are made of polyester and others of fabric like cotton.

You can also purchase a fabric shower liner to match your fabric shower curtain.

Can You Use a Polyester Shower Curtain Without a Liner?

You can use a polyester shower curtain without a liner, especially if the curtain is 100% polyester. Polyester is completely waterproof and performs well on its own without a shower liner.

You can use this floral plant polyester shower curtain without a liner as it is made of polyester. You can choose a simple color or an intricate design for your shower curtain.

In addition, you can pair a polyester curtain with a PEVA shower liner for maximum dryness.

Can Cotton Shower Curtain Be Used Without Liner?

While some manufacturers design cotton to be more water repellent, it is still a fabric material. Fabrics retain a lot more water than plastic, so your cotton fabric will attract mold a lot faster if you do not use a shower liner.

When using a cotton shower curtain, we recommend using a PEVA shower curtain liner to help protect your cotton curtain.

A liner also adds privacy and keeps your bathroom floor dry. You can purchase a PEVA liner or even a fabric liner.

What Can I Use Instead of a Shower Liner?

Vinyl shower liners are the most common liners, but people are turning away due to the toxic ‘new plastic smell.’ Alternatively, you could use a polyester, hemp, or linen liner in your shower.

If you want to move away from curtains, you could look at installing a shower door. These are great for the environment.

No more plastic waste, and it also saves you money in the long run, with no need to replace curtains.

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Related Questions

How Often Should You Replace Your Shower Curtain?

It is recommended that you replace your shower curtains every six months if you have a vinyl shower curtain. Polyester curtains tend to last longer if you check for mold and wash them regularly.

Fabric shower curtains can last for years if cared for properly. Using a PEVA shower liner is the best way to prolong the life of your shower curtain.

You should also wash a fabric shower curtain every 2-3 months.

Can You Wash Your Shower Curtain Liner?

You can, and you should wash your shower curtain liner. You can throw most liners in the washing machine, but you should check the label of your liner to indicate how you can wash it.

If you can’t take down your liner to wash it, you could make a homemade spray to clean it.

  • Mix one part vinegar with four parts water
  • Shake well and spray on the inside of the liner (facing the tub)
  • Let that sit for a few minutes and rinse off with water

Can You Use a Curtain as a Shower Curtain?

You can use a normal curtain as a shower curtain. However, it is important to remember that curtains are not made from water-repellent materials, so it would be essential to use a shower liner.

Using a liner with your normal curtain can make your bathroom look like a luxury hotel bathroom.

Depending on the curtain you want to use, you might have to make some new grommets for the metal hooks to fit through.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, now you have a clear understanding of why shower liners are important to use with any shower curtain.

Then, your bathroom, your shower curtain, and your family will thank you!

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