Can You Rent Two Apartments at the Same Time? (The Laws)

Can You Rent Two Apartments at the Same Time

There are many reasons you may want to rent two or more apartments. A common reason is that many people can’t get out of a lease when they find their new apartment. If you want two apartments, you probably want to know – can you rent two apartments at the same time?

You can have two or more apartments at the same time. It is legal and common for someone to have their name on more than one lease. However, some apartments may have regulations that prevent you from having more than one rental. 

If you want multiple apartments, keep reading! This article covers specific issues you may encounter when renting more than one apartment. It will also cover what to expect when applying for apartments and what to do if you want to rent in more than one state. 

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We know we can own two properties, but when it comes to renting multiple places, it can get complicated.

In this section, we will go over the laws and logistics of renting more than one apartment and being on two leases. 

How Many Apartments Can You Rent?

Legally, there is nothing stopping you from renting multiple apartments as long as you can pay for each one. However, there will be some obstacles if you live in government housing or your landlord has a policy against it. 

It also depends on your reason for renting multiple apartments. For example, if you want to rent and allow someone else to live there, a landlord may say only listed occupants can stay overnight.

Additionally, landlords have set the number of nights a guest can stay at that location. 

Can You Have Two Apartment Leases at the Same Time?

You can have two apartment leases at the same time as long as you have the income to support those two leases. After that, however, the decision is up to the landlords. Additionally, most landlords will allow a small overlap of lease agreements. 

For example, if you are a month away from getting out of your current lease agreement but want to secure a new one before your current lease is up, landlords are likely to agree to that. 

How Many Apartments Can I Rent at One Time?

You can rent as many apartments as you can afford unless you are in government housing or your landlord has a policy against it. Ultimately, this is a personal issue between you and the landlords. 

If you are in government housing, there are other rules and regulations. The rules vary from state to state, so be sure to look at your state’s housing rules and regulations. 

Additionally, there is an income limitation. Therefore, if you do not have enough income for a regularly priced apartment, you won’t be able to afford two.

Can You be on Two Leases?

Anyone can be on two leases if both landlords are fine with the arrangement. It is not a legal issue if you have more than one lease on a house or an apartment. However, your application may not be accepted if your income only allows for one lease. 

Some people rent two places and then use one rental to host others as an Airbnb. Make sure this is not against your policy with your landlord because if it is against their policy, you can be evicted. Also, check local zoning regulations.

Can I be on Two Different Leases at Once?

It is not against the law to have two different leases, but depending on what you are using them for, it might be against the rental agreement or zoning regulations. Most likely, if you have the income for two places, you will be able to be on two leases. 

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Applying for Apartments

There can be a lot of red tape you need to cut through to get past the application to get an apartment. In this section, we will go over some issues you may face when applying and some solutions. 

Can I Rent an Apartment if My Name is on a Mortgage?

You can rent an apartment if you have a mortgage. However, your application will likely be turned down if you are trying to rent an income-based apartment or government housing. Other landlords may have an issue with you having a mortgage, but most won’t.

The biggest reason you may get turned down is if your income is not consistent or large enough to support a mortgage and rent. 

However, you may be able to negotiate with them to let you set up a month-to-month lease while you try to sell your house rather than a six-month lease.

Can I Apply for More Than One Apartment?

You can apply for more than one apartment, but if you plan to live in more than one, you will need to share that information with the property manager or landlord. They will probably be alright if you have the income to support two apartments. 

If you are only planning on living in one apartment, you can still apply to more than one simultaneously.

It’s wise to do this in areas where good rentals are hard to come by. First, however, you should know the places you are applying to and know you want to live there. 

Can You Apply for Two Apartments at the Same Time?

Many apply to more than one apartment at a time to ensure they can get a good place to live before others snap up the good apartments. However, you should try not to apply to so many places you can’t keep up with all your applications. 

Finding an apartment can be stressful, but you will want to take your time and find a good match for you and your lifestyle. Applying to a few different places at once can help, but make sure you like the price, location, and apartment. 

Can You Rent an Apartment While on Another Lease?

It is very common to rent another apartment while you are still on another lease because a lease for one place may end after another lease begins. Just communicate this with your new and current landlords. 

You can also try to negotiate with your new landlord or current landlord and see if you can push the lease time so that you don’t have to pay rent on two apartments for a month or more. 

However, if you want to have two leases, just be sure your income covers it, and your landlords are fine with the arrangement. 

Can I Apply for an Apartment if I Have a Mortgage?

Yes, you can apply for an apartment if you have a mortgage. There are many reasons people with mortgages want an apartment, so it’s nothing new for a landlord to see a mortgage on an application. 

Most likely, the only reason you would get turned down for an apartment while you have a mortgage is a bad credit score or that you do not have the income to support the mortgage and the apartment. 

If you are in an unsafe situation and need a place to rent but don’t have the money, there are federal and state programs in place to help you. If you feel unsafe and need immediate help, call 911. 

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State By State

For the most part, renting an apartment is a private business deal between the tenant and landlord. However, renting two apartments, which are not in the same state, can get complicated.

Can I Rent an Apartment in a Different State?

You can rent an apartment in a different state as long as you can afford to live there. You can even hold residency in a different country and rent an apartment. Many people even rent multiple houses or apartments in different states simultaneously.

You will have to worry about where you keep your residency for voting and tax purposes. Additionally, you can have a domicile home separate from your residency. Often retired individuals will make a home in Florida but take residency elsewhere.

Can I Hold Apartments in Two States at Once?

You can hold two apartments in two states at once as long as you have the income and credit. However, people with low credit scores are more likely to be turned down if they are still on a lease for another apartment. 

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Can I Rent More Than One Apartment in the Same State at the Same Time?

You can rent two or more apartments within the same state or in different states as long as you can pay for the rent and your landlord believes you can pay rent. For example, a low credit score sometimes will prevent you from getting a second apartment.

It is very common for people to have two apartments simultaneously because a new lease may start before the current lease is up. People also have two apartments when they work in two places. 

Other Rentals

There are some other areas in rental properties or apartments you may need to know more about. In this section, we will go over being a guarantor or cosigner on more than one rental, rent-stabilized apartments, their regulations, and renting a rental to someone else. 

Can You Rent Two Properties at the Same Time?

You can rent two properties simultaneously, even if they are both residential. However, you will need to decide which will be your residency for voting and tax purposes. Although, the other property can still be your other home.

People will often rent hunting property or property for other recreational purposes. Additionally, it is common for a farmer or gardener to rent a field to keep animals on or to grow vegetables. This greatly benefits the owner and the renter. 

Can You be a Guarantor for Two Rented Properties?

A guarantor is like a cosigner on a lease agreement. So, you can be a guarantor on two rental properties, but you will be responsible for the full amount of rent or any damages if the renter cannot, or refuses to, pay.

Being a guarantor on two leases may result in a lot of lost money, which could put you under, especially if you have your own mortgage or rental lease. 

It’s good to help someone out when they are turned down, but they may be turned down because they will likely not be able to pay rent. 

Can You Have Two Rent-Stabilized Apartments?

You may be able to have two rent-stabilized apartments in some areas. Still, many areas have regulations against owning more than one rent-stabilized apartment, especially within the same building. 

If you want to help someone else own a rent-stabilized apartment, you can be their guarantor on the lease. This will help them get the apartment, and you will not appear to have two different apartments. 

Can I Lease My Apartment to Someone Else?

There is no law against leasing out an apartment you are renting yourself since any lease is a private contract between the renter and the landlord. However, a landlord may have it in the legal lease agreement you have with them that you will be the only occupant. 

It is very common for apartment properties to have a time limitation on how long a non-occupant can stay in a renters apartment.

This is because they approve an application based on who you are and your background rather than someone they don’t know.  

Related Questions

How Do You Make a Decision Between Two Apartments?

First, you should visit both apartment complexes and, if possible, the apartments themselves. Make sure the area is one you want to be in regarding convenience, schools, and safety. Then choose your favorite. 

Many apartments come with amenities, and these may seem nice initially, but don’t let them be a major factor in your decision.

Amenities are often unutilized by the majority of renters. So, unless you know you will use their pool daily, don’t let it impact your choice too much.   

Do Apartment Leases Go on Credit Reports?

No, apartment leases do not go on credit reports because landlords are not considered creditors, even though you owe them money for the lease. However, you can request a lease to go on your report to increase your credit score. 

Another way to increase your credit score is to take off any credit entries from a purchase that is now paid off. Also, pay down your credit bills more than you have to each month.

The less you owe, the more credit you typically have.

Can You Lease an Apartment for Someone Else?

Legally speaking, you can lease an apartment you rent to someone else. However, many landlords have a policy in the lease agreement that prohibits non-occupants from staying overnight so many nights in a row. 

If you want to lease an apartment to make a profit, you should think about adding some aesthetic touches to make the apartment seem nicer online and in person.

For example, you can use contact paper, hang pictures, and decorate with command strips so that you can remove them later. 

Final Thoughts

Whatever your endeavors are, we hope this article helps. Just remember to ask your landlord, and be sure to communicate with them about your intentions with the apartment.

If your landlord or future landlord doesn’t want you to have multiple apartments, ask other landlords that will. 

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